Expand your Internet Business

┐by: Sharon Agar

Think of your website as an extension of an existing

business, without the walls of wood, concrete or steel

around it. Just as you would manage a business housed in a

building, a website business housed on the Internet needs to

be managed as well. It is your contact to members, clients

and or buyers. Your business provides a need, a solution, or

a product which is represented by your website presence.

Naturally you will want to promote your website and expand

its potential.

One way to do this is to collect the email addresses of

those who visit your site. Increasing the number of visitors

to your website will increase the odds of a product being

purchased or your membership growing. An excellent method of

collecting email addresses of those visitors is to use an

opt-in option which allows them to basically ┐volunteer┐

their address to you in exchange for something from you, for

example a newsletter.

To collect the submitted addresses you will need an

autoresponder which you subscribe to on the Internet. Not

only does an autoresponder collect the addresses and save

them in its database (which takes the hassle out of you

trying to maintain the database) but it can automatically

send emails to those addresses at a preprogrammed date and

time. Once you've set up the autoresponder emails, which

allows you to keep in contact with the people who have

visited your site, your valuable time is available for other


By keeping in touch with those visitors to your website you

can inform them of additional free information and/or new

available products or discounts, etc. When you do this you

remind them of your presence on the Internet and are more

likely to bring them back to your site. The more often they

return to your site, the greater the opportunity for them to

respond to your business and for your business to grow.

Motivation creates Movement! Get motivated and expand your net worth!

Sharon Agar

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About The Author

Sharon Agar has recently embarked on internet career and is motivated to take her own advice as well as others.

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