Ways Not To Look Like An Amateur

 by: Florie Lyn Masarate

Nothing can compare to the proud feeling you get when you see your own design, with your signature, on print. These would be for the trying-hard-to-be-good-designers point of view, anyway.

If you are one of these beginners, chances are you would be committing mistakes on the process of making your design. But do not fret! These are common mistakes that others like you have gone through also. As they say, it is part of the learning process. There are just some things that you need to know to make your design look like it is done by a professional even though it is not. What are some mistakes you need to avoid in making a design?

Putting all your fonts in one document. No matter how great they all look, putting all these into a single document could a jumbled and an inconsistent look on the document. Not only that, the readers would get confused on the changes with the constant change in the strokes of the letters.

Using two spaces after a period. You can use this if you are typing your prints using a typewriter because it is difficult to distinguish the stop in a sentence due to the font. The computer offers a variety of fonts to choose from. Much distinguishable easier to figure out.

Putting another paragraph by pressing enter twice. Like the space after the period, this is used in typewriters. The computer has its own formatting function in terms of the paragraphs and lines to make work easier for you. All you have to do is press enter once after you have formatted the spacing according to your liking. Remember, only one press.

Centering texts. As much as this would good look in the presentation, it does not make reading any easier. Centered texts are difficult to read because the eyes have to figure where the next one begins. There would be a lot of shifting from an end to figuring where the next begins. Aligning left and justified is best to use instead of centered.

Using all caps. All caps is seen by readers as not something you emphasize but something you shout about. If you want to show them the amateur you are, use all caps. This is like putting too much emphasize on a word.

Using boxes and lines from the software. If you think putting all of these in your printing material will liven things up, you are wrong. The information you want to convey is being overridden by this, confusing the readers on what is more important.

If you want to appear a professional in your printing job, do not use all of the above.


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About The Author

Florie Lyn Masarate got a flair for reading and writing when she got her first subscription of the school newsletter in kindergarten. She had her first article published on that same newsletter in the third grade.

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