Keep Your Website Contents Fresh by Adding RSS Feeds

 by: Heris Yunora

RSS is a method that has been used by many webmasters and publishers to publish information and news online. The readers then be able to read the information and the news with their RSS readers. But many webmasters also use RSS feeds from other webmasters to provide dynamic contents on their own websites.

Usually, in order to provide contents on your website, you have to copy articles and paste it on your website. Although using this way you have better control for what you want to show on your website, generating contents for your website automatically could save your time.

You can generate dynamic contents using RSS creator software. A software that I use is Carp ( This free software is written in php and doesn't need complicated database to setup.

You can install it easily. I have tried to add two or more RSS feeds from different sources in a webpage without getting technical problems. Just collect related feeds and put them in a webpage. Visit any RSS feed directories to collect them.

If you want, you can use both an article and the content from the feed that is provided by Carp in a web page. Just put the article on the top of a webpage and put the content from Carp on the bottom. This could make your webpage more targetted and more dynamic.

I don't real understand the Google policy of using contents this way. But just for example, if you want to show RSS feeds from Google News with the topic about "car repair", you can put the code like this:

If you want to use two RSS feeds in a webpage from different sources with "car repair" as the topic, you can put the code for Google News above and then put another feed below it. The code for another feed could be:

and your webpage will be updated automatically from two different sources.

Finally, if in doubt, it is wise if you ask the RSS feed provider/creator first before you use it. Make sure they allow you to show their contents on your own website.

Happy trying...

About The Author

Heris Yunora is the owner of, a place to find information on article writing and website contents building.

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