Why Is Directory Linkage Important?

┐by: Rich Brunelle

When you look at Site Statistics for your web site, what do you see? Do you see only a Hit and Pages Viewed count? Or, do you see Incoming Linkage, Visiting Robots, and all the other goodies Stats Reports reveal?

Myself, I could give a rats behind what my ranking is on certain Search Engines, as long as I see that they consistently are spidering my sites. Sooner or later the world is going to revolt against search engines dictating how web sites are constructed, and realize the expense created by trying to satisfy the search engines is more than most small, medium, and some large business care to continue to pay. Face it, paying for SEO, Adwords, Optimize this and Optimize that while keeping many of us gainfully employed, is also quite expensive.

Regardless of the aforementioned, the ┐Ever Efficient WebMaster┐ continues to struggle against the tide, hoping for those fifteen minutes of ┐top ten┐ search engine rankings. And at the same time, ┐Mister Lazy Internet User┐ has lost out on another good deal because he was too lazy to recognize the ┐Top Rankings┐ haven┐t a damn thing to do with Quality, Service, or Satisfaction.

*** Okay folks, I have made you wait long enough. Here┐s the part about Search Directories.

Search Directories is not the proper term. These Directories search nothing. Searchable Directories or Searchable Databases is what they are. Webmasters submit their sites URL and Keyword data to these databases to be found when someone searches for them. But these Directories play an even more important role. Search Engines also search these Directories. And, a Directory listing is a one way link to your site with Keywords and Description as Content.

These ┐One-Way┐ links to your web site are worth their weight in gold for creating the linkage needed for getting the attention of the Search Engines so desperately sought after. Directories may charge a small fee, but many don┐t. Many Directories are topic, industry, or other specific. Others are general listing types that anyone can add their data to for free. But all of them play an important role in the hierarchy of the Internet.

About The Author

Rich Brunelle is CC&BW of datajam's Internet, a collection of web sites developed to provide linkage resource as well as valuable Internet service. All Registration is free. For additional Information visit http://djam-promo.com or email admin@djam-promo.com.

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