The Truth About Traffic

 by: John Reese

You're about to discover tons of tested and proven strategies for driving a stampede of highly targeted visitors to your website.

But before I get into the specific strategies, I'd like to explain an important concept that most online marketers (even the "gurus") don't "get":

Have you ever thought about why is it so important to have a large amount of dependable traffic come to your website? What's the single biggest benefit of having a large amount of dependable traffic come to your website?

Most people think the biggest benefit of having a large amount of traffic is "money" -- and that's what a lot of "gurus" will tell you too. But these people are completely missing the Big Picture.

You see, money is a benefit, but it's hardly the biggest benefit of having a large amount of traffic.

The REAL biggest benefit of having a large amount of traffic is that you can improve whatever you're doing to make money at a much faster rate, particularly in that market, than if you had less traffic.

This is an important concept -- so let me break it down and explain it in detail.

Let's say you publish an email newsletter on gardening, and in your newsletter you promote some related affiliate products and earn affiliate commissions. That means the more subscribers you get on your newsletter, the more money you make.

So suppose you have a webpage that promotes your newsletter. If you set up a second version of that webpage (say, with a different headline) and you run a split-test between those 2 pages, one of those pages will get more people to join your newsletter. (Which means, it'll make you more money.)

But in order to get statistically valid results, you need to have about 50 to 100 "actions" (meaning, 50 to 100 people opting in) to make your test results valid.

So as you can imagine, if you have a lot of traffic, you can get that result very quickly (like, in an hour or so).

But if you're only getting 5 to 10 visitors a day, it would take you weeks, even months, to get the same results.

That's one of the biggest advantages I have over my competitors. Because I have so much traffic coming to my websites, I can launch and run tests 1,000 times faster than they can, and improve my business and make more money out of every visitor that comes to my website than they can.

I can get results in 1 day, that my competitors would take months to find out. That's why I run circles around my competitors.

This, in turn, opens up a whole bunch of other opportunities for me.

Why? Because my websites convert more -- which means I can profitably spend more money on advertising. And I can pay out more to my affiliates and partners -- which means I get more partners promoting my websites.

All this, in turn, gets me more traffic... which then creates a cycle that leaves my competitors even further in the dust.

And that,is the biggest benefit of having a large amount of traffic coming to your website.

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About The Author

John Reese has used his 'lab-tested' strategies to drive over 1.57 BILLION visitors to his website, and produce millions of dollars in sales.

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