5 Easy Ways To Get Traffic To Your Site!

żby: Ahmad Supaat

If you're not getting traffic to your site, then you're not going to make money online. The internet is about traffic, so getting traffic should be high on your list of priorities. There are many ways to get traffic. One of the fastest ways to drive traffic to a site is pay per click advertising like Overture. Using pay per clicks however costs some amount of money. Today I want to share with you 5 free and easy ways to generate immediate traffic to your web site.

1 - Write and submit articles

One of the most effective ways to get traffic is to write articles and post them in as many article submission sites as possible. You could write a simple 500 word "How To" article with detailed step by step instructions, and links to useful resources. Include a resource box with your links. A well written article on a popular topic can easily get hundreds of links back to your site in a short period of time.

Here's some popular article submission sites:

Also, you could compile a list of ezine publishers that accept articles and send them your new articles.

2 - Blogging

Blogging is yet another easy way to get traffic. A blog is simply an on-line diary or weblog. Since blogs are usually updated frequently, the search engines love them and visit them often. For every post, include a link to a site or webpage that you want spidered by the search engines. Each time the seach engines visit they will follow the links. One of the easiest ways to start blogging is at http://www.blogger.com.

Here's a few ideas for writing blogs:

  • Tips related to your product or topic

  • A short "How -To" explaining the use of a product or service

  • Product reviews

  • News excerpts

  • Opinions on news

3 - Write an ebook and give it away

A great way to get free traffic is to put together an ebook report on a popular topic and distribute it freely. Allow other people to give away the e-book to increase exposure to your web site. Put your links on the title page or on the table of contents and in the resources section.This will give the most exposure for your web site. You could submit your free ebook to ebook directories.

4 - Exchange links

Trade links with other web sites. They should be related to the subject of your web site. Having relevent keyword links to your site will increase your site ranking. Linking is an important strategy for search engine optimization. A useful software that can help with your linking strategy is at http://linkmachine.net

5 - Online forums

Participate on online forums. Post answers to other people's questions, ask questions and post appropriate information. Include your signature file at the end of all your postings. Forums are also a great way to network and create business alliances. Get yourself a copy of the top 93 Marketing Forums List available for FREE download here at http://www.homebusinessedge.com.

All the best,

Ahmad Supaat


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