SEO #1: Choosing THE keywords to optimize for

¿by: Ahmed Omran

Please read this report entirely, I know it is a lot but EVERY word is essential to ranking well in search engines.

Before you start reading I want YOU to erase EVERYTHING you have learned about search engine optimization. I want YOU to erase everything BAD as well as GOOD, because with this report you will learn everything from scratch. Also before you begin, if you're NOT 100% serious about getting your website to the top of Google, don't read another word.

I promise you that this FREE report will be a turning point for you and your website. YOU will learn everything you need and more! I will teach those SO CALLED "secrets" that have helped people rank #1 on the major search engines and directories like Google, yahoo, msn, AOL, AltaVista, and more.

I am sure that by reading this report COMPLETELY and by giving a 110% EFFORT you will see a "way" that is incredibly powerful due to a few simple factors all working together. The end result is an explosive way to get your website on fire and drive non-stop traffic from all those search engines, THIS YEAR for FREE!

After working on the internet for many years I have concluded that EXPLOSIVE LASER TARGETED TRAFFIC is easy to receive but it¿s a secret that the BIG DOGS are not telling us! Traffic is the secret to wealth and will make a product sell incredibly fast and be insanely profitable. To get this kind of traffic you must have a webpage that is ranked very well in the main search engines, that¿s it! I have kept you long enough just to see if you are dedicated to REALLY turning your website and life around. Now without further ado I would like to give you a brief list of what I will cover in this report. Enjoy!

  1. Choosing "THE" keywords to optimize for

  2. On-page optimization

  3. Getting Listed In Google in Under 24-Hours!

  4. Off-page Optimization

  5. Analyzing the Top Ranked Website on Google

  6. How TO GET banned by Google!

These 6 simple courses are going to turn this report into pure gold for you. You should read one of these 6 courses EVERY day so that you can have enough time to "digest" all the information and put them to the test. Now today is DAY #1 and I will start with the first course on the list:

Choosing "THE" keywords to optimize for

1) The first step in search engine optimization is choosing the right keywords that you want to rank well for on the search engines. This is very easy to do nonetheless many webmasters FAIL HERE! Ok for this course I will be using a website about "jokes" as an example. First you need to use the very powerful keyword tool that Overture offers, you can see it here:

2) Now the second step is to put "jokes" and search for it in the overture keyword tool. The results that I received are shown here:

Count Search Term

927525 joke

116589 funny joke

65099 blonde joke

60135 dirty joke

47577 joke of the day

38086 good joke

37347 yo mama joke

35360 joke online prank

30615 clean funny joke

As you can see there are thousands of searches done monthly using these keywords and by ranking well in search engines you can get all these visitors for FREE! Wait don¿t get too excited and DONT try to rank for the keyword "joke" because if you search in Google for that keyword you will find out that there are more than 15 MILLION pages competing for that specific keyword! So what do you do? Well start small and target less competitive keywords to get some good traffic to begin with and then target the "BIG FISH"! Alright for example you can target the keyword "yo mama joke" which is searched for approximately 37347 times every month and YET there are only 310,000 pages competing for it! You CAN rank very well for this keyword and be on the FIRST page to receive more than 30,000 hits to your website every month. That¿s 1000 visitors everyday for one keyword FREE!

3) We have chosen a keyword that is not very competitive but gets quite a lot of searches and it is "yo mama jokes". You can choose a few other keywords like "blonde joke" which has less than 1 million pages competing. And "joke online prank" with only 200,000 competitors.

4) Now take a few minutes to think of a keyword that is related to your website and repeat steps 1 to 3. It's easy and wont take more than a few minutes. Choose the right keywords and wait for lesson two!

WOW I must have you thinking now, what if you start competing for the more competitive keywords later and get even more visitors! Well you can once you master this and you will hit the million page views mark in no time. This won¿t happen overnight nor will it happen in days. This will take weeks of hard work but the end result is EXPLOSIVE LASER TARGETED TRAFFIC for FREE.

"Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago." - Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway's Billionaire Chairman)

Please don't pass over what I've told you so far without much thought. It took me years and thousands of dollars to finally pinpoint these simple ideas. Sometimes the simplest things that stare us in the face are the hardest to find. The single most important thing I've learned over the years is that simple makes money.

Take a few minutes everyday to read the courses and try them on your website. All this information is FREE so why not spend some time and learn it? You have nothing to lose.

Follow the simple instructions in every course and you¿re done! Don't let the simplicity of this fool you. The power of this is IN the simplicity. 99% of webmasters don¿t know this because of how simple it is. You have the opportunity to receive THOUSANDS even MILLIONS of EXPLOSIVE LASER TARGETED TRAFFIC with this simple report and do it all for FREE with just a little of work.

If you would like to contact me anytime and either complain (why would you!) or give me your testimonial then feel free to do so anytime. I'm there if you need any more help also.

About The Author

Ahmed Omran is an experienced webmaster and marketer who owns

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