SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and web-positioning techniques.

 by: James Saunders

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and web- positioning techniques.

Optimisation for search engines rankings

The Fact That Matters!!! Nearly 99.99% of these visitors came from search engines including Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL....etc.

Top 10 search engine rankings. Everybody wants it but a few achieve it.Search engines have always been an important source of traffic for many marketers. Achieving high search engine rankings should be one of your goals because it can be profitable in the long run.

It has many names (SEO, positioning, and web promotion, etc.) but the objective remains the same - improve your position on search results to get a huge source of traffiic without spending large sums of vital capital in advertising expenses.

Naturally, the most common objective for search engine optimization campaigns is to bring in targeted leads to ecommerce sites. A high degree of pre-qualification is possible, since SEO allows you to attract only those who are actively seeking for very specific products or information.

How to optimise for ranking.

This subsection is a guide to basic search engine optimisation that is aimed at the beginner, but also may serve as a basic refresher on the fundamentals of SEO techniques.

There are plenty of more advanced optimisation tips and tutorials in the rest of the site, but to be fully comprehensive on search engine optimising it is essential to start from the basics.

In this section we shall answer the following basic SEO related questions:

How do search engines index pages? What can search engine spiders 'see'? What makes pages rank more highly? How do I optimise my web pages? How much optimising will it need? Is ranking based just on page content?

Web-promotion through search engine optimisation is a task requiring both skill and knowledge, but with the help of the guides and tutorials in this section, you too can improve your search engine rankings.

Here you will learn about doorway pages, hallways, and redirection. You will become acquainted with the main principles of such specialist things as cloaking, (or stealth submissions), and hidden links.

Doorway pages, also called ( gateway pages or bridge pages or jump pages or hook pages or smart pages or cloaked pages ), are no more than any page of a site which has keywords that may be found in a search. By entering your site from a search engine at such a page, visitors experience the page as a 'doorway' to your web site.

You may be tired of hundreds of rules about the search engine optimization - a.k.a SEO. You may find difficult to create new contents for search engine traffic. You may have several well- optimized pages but still have small number of visitors!

"The key to success is to optimize pages without making them read as though they were written for a search engine".

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for the success of almost every website.The majority of traffic to websites is brought in by search engines. Keywords are an important part of SEO. Unfortunately, many website owners overdo it. Keywords are one of the most important tools in ranking high on search engines. Abuse them and you will suffer the consequences.

The ultimate solution however is to make the full dynamic site accessible to spiders, without them ever knowing that its dynamic. This requires the most (and most technical) work, but it means that no special static pages are required at all, and the full dynamic content can be accessed.

As an Internet Marketing Consultant, my services are all geared towards helping my clients to maximise the potential of their promotional and sales campaigns via the internet.

I tailor my marketing services uniquely to each client. The needs of each client, and indeed of each website, are always different, even unique.

My focus is always to identify my client's true needs and focus upon the things that matter. What matters is not blind numbers, not hits or statistics. What matters is to make the business more successful.

My Internet marketing services are based on using whatever tools or methods are best suited to maximising the bottom line results of my clients' marketing endeavours.

Above all, I offer my years of expertise as a specialist in Internet marketing, having served well over 300 e-business clients. In an industry where, right from the beginning, 95 percent of all companies fold without ever even recovering their server and bandwidth costs, not one of my clients has ever gone bust.

You may not have enough budget to support the expensive PPC or SEO advertising campaign. You imagine to have a tool that will send you massive targeted traffic......but it seems not to exist! ( exists)


It's Incredible! The best thing about it is that it's child's play to use! Sounds too good to be true right, but it is, it really is, the ultimate solution to all your marketing headaches.

How it Works?

Here's How TrafficBoosterPro Sends You Potential Customers:

TrafficBoosterPro creates hundreds to thousands of keyword-oriented PHP web pages with unique contents using RSS. These pages are search-engine- spider friendly! The spiders crawl and index the pages, and finally show them in the search results.

Once a visitor clicks the page URL of your TrafficBoosterPro, he will be re-directed to the destination URL you set. It's almost like magic right?

You can send the visitors to anywhere you want! You may change the destination URL in just one minute at any time in the Future.

You can send all your visitors to your websites and boost your sales, or you can redirect them to your favorite affiliate programs to generate big commission checks. You can do anything with your imagination.

As we do, you may use TrafficBoosterPro with an affiliate program as Google Adsense or Click bank. We cannot expose how much we earn by doing this, but you can imagine this figure can bring you several thousands dollars every month. No doubt this is a absolutely good autopilot income machine!

You may be saying to your self: "What makes this Software so unique while there are other doorway generator software in the market?"

This amazing technology that I'm going to reveal to you is the latest Technology and the Secret of the Pro's.

TrafficBoosterPro is a PHP script which creates highly effective doorway pages directly on your server. All you do is fill out a short form, click on a button - and Voila!

Your custom doorway pages will be created for you immediately, right on your server. You will then be provided with a link to view it, and the URL that you need to submit it to search engines. It's that easy!

Other doorway page generators just create the HTML code for your doorway pages, and expect "YOU" to create the file and upload it to your server yourself while the Search Engines may be Penalizing you.

The algorithms driving the major search engines are becoming more and more complex every day. That's because they're all competing with one another to offer their users the most relevant content on every search.

No doorway page created by TrafficBoosterPro will be banned from the search engines. All pages will be listed. Unlikely most other competitors, TrafficBoosterPro will create guaranteed functional doorways as all pages have 100% unique content and will be build from a choice of unlimited RSS Feeds. Targeted Doorway Pages.

Every Doorway page created is optimized and specially tuned for a particular keyword or key phrase. Navigation structure. Each Doorway Page created by TrafficBoosterPro has a navigation linking it to the other Doorway Pages.

This means that search engine spiders can index all the doorway pages easily from any one of the page.

It's the only Doorway Creator software that uses the RSS technology to create doorways untraceable by the search engines by "hiding" it's fingerprint. All pages will be created within their own folders and with unique names.( /your- keyword-phrase/your-keyword-phrase.php )

This all sounds a bit complicated?

It's Incredible! The best thing about it is that it's child's play to use! Sounds too good to be true right, but it is, it really is, the ultimate solution to all your marketing headaches.

TrafficBoostrPro Software designed to drive massive traffic to any web site.

The key to success is to optimize pages without making them read as though they were written for a search engine by using help from the RSS Randomizer Technology.

RSS is a great way to make your site "un- fingerprintable". But most RSS scripts that are available just display the feed content as is without modifying it. The ideal way would be to aggregate more than one RSS feed and display them in a random fashion. By aggregating and randomizing several feeds your content is guaranteed to be unique and that's exactly what TrafficBoosterPro does.

RSS feeds provide dynamically changing content so every time the search engine robot visits the page, it will find new content. RSS feeds give you instant theme-related content which search engines like Google loves.

TrafficBoosterPro is a great way to bring targeted traffic to your site and increase your page rank. TrafficBoosterPro is an application which can help you to add fresh keyword related and themed content to your website.

This script fetches contents from RSS feeds specified by you and then generates php pages out of it. By using an RSS Randomizer Technique, It creates a mix of 3 or more RSS feeds that on every page will be different ensure that the contents on your site is fresh unique on every page and continuously updated.

This sophisticated super script needs just one time configuration and then it runs on its own. It uses templates to render the html hence it can be made to fit any page layout and design.

We have put a lot of efforts and money into the script to make it product random contents on the detail pages. When the search engines visit your site, they will get different content on each visit. This helps boost your search engine ranking.

You can put this script to multiple use such as Creating keyword rich pages for attracting search engine visitors for adsense revenue Creating high keyword density doorway pages Enhancing the regular contents of your site.

It's Completely Automated. Just configure it once and forget it. Does not require any additional tweaking or monitoring.

It's Completely configurable. It Uses templates and css to generate html content. You can make it look and feel like your existing site.

Does not require any database hence can run on most basic servers too. Creating high keyword density doorway pages Enhancing the regular contents of your site.

This technology will ensure that your pages are always filled with regularly-updated, theme-based content.

Get your website spidered more often and rank at the top of search engine results without lifting a finger.

It's Stripping outbound links to the feeds so you don't leak Page Rank. You get just the text of every RSS Feed that's themed to your site and has related keywords. Content that is 100% spider able by the search engines (very important).

There's no limit to the number of doorway pages you can create! The limit is your server's hard disk ;-) The real files on your server won't be more than 3-4kb big each, while every a few minutes to every day they will look different and bigger to the visitors and the search engines. That's one more magic thing about this product.

Fully customizable to integrate with your site. You may use the included templates or create yours.

No special knowledge required. Very easy installation and use. But we have also made a 60 minutes Help Video that you may download after you buy the script to help you Step-By-Step.

Don't let your competitors get their hands on this powerful program before you! If you need more traffic - try this out. There is no risk.

TrafficBoosterPro is a "Set and Forget" RSS Doorway Generator Script. Pages that have FRESH, REGULARLY UPDATED content seem to get indexed much faster and rank higher.

Try finding any other sort of 'free traffic' that meets this criteria?

So why wouldn't you want to optimize your website?


More Targeted Visitors = More Sales!

You Get A No-Risk, No Hassle 100% LIFE TIME Money- Back Guarantee!

P.S.: Do you know of any other software on the Internet today that gives you a Refund after 20 - 30 - 100 years of use?

No??? Me neither.

Visit this URL to find out more on this unique software.

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Professional SEO

Internet Marketing Consultant

CEO of Company "IBOLYA OLAH Internet SEO services"

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