Spreading Word-Of-Mouth Advertising Through Forums

żby: Dax Christopher

As many webmasters and regular web-surfers would know, an online forum community is a great place to meet large groups of people online. Forums provide a means through which visitors to a website can interact with one another and exchange ideas or reviews of products or just talk about anything under the sun. Acute marketers and webmasters will already know that these communities are often excellent places for free advertising.

Word-of-mouth advertising can be used to refer to advertising by which people pass on the marketing message through communication between people. A forum community provides just the setting for word-of-mouth advertising to spread due to its nature of discussion and community structure. Any one member who joins the community is entitled to post his/her thoughts by creating new forum threads or to reply to others or counter someone elseżs arguments. Every post that is made is an opportunity to spread some word-of-mouth advertising. This is often done through forum profiles and signatures. A signature is a small description of the member. Most forum communities have no qualms about members posting some self-advertising messages in their signatures, as long as the advert is not too obtrusive. Therefore, forum members can make use of their signatures to post links to their websites or links to products that they are selling. By participating actively in forum communities, one can easily reach a large audience. Because everyone on the forum who participates in the discussion is reading the posts of all members in the discussion as well as signatures, an attractive link will arouse their interests and incite them to click on the link to go to your advertised site. Imagine the impact that this would have in a forum community with thousands of members and your signature appearing in thousands of posts. The boundaries in this form of word-of-mouth advertising is limitless as it largely depends on how much you post and participate in the discussions. The more you participate engagingly, the more times your links appear and the more chances people get to see and interest them to view your site.

Of course, care must be taken to ensure that you are following the proper etiquette as specified by the forum community and that you do not spam the forums. Spamming happens when someone joins in every discussion and posts useless comments that are not constructive. Spammers are often penalized by being banned from the forum for spamming their links in the forum.

About The Author

Dax Christopher maintains a two year old webmaster community at www.Buildtolearn.com, a forum community that discusses web-hosting and webmaster related issues such as web-design, page coding, SEO and many others. Visit BuildtoLearn.com to learn more about developing and growing large communities.

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