Choosing A Folder That Sets You Apart

 by: Phoebe Manti

There is more to the word folder that those little icons that clutter your computer desktop. Not very long ago all anyone understood by the word was a container for important papers that was built from cardboard, paper, plastic or even leather. Though we still use them, these real folders are largely neglected. They deserve a second thought however, since you can use them to get your product or company better known.

Here is an example - say you are hosting a conference or large meeting, what do you think the guests are going to do with the papers and cards that form the basis of the meeting? On one hand they could use a simple, uninspiring but cheap foolscap pouch that you bought in boxes of 500 at a discount store... On the other hand you could furnish your delegates with a customized wallet, smartly printed with your company or product name and a message. This option can be a well priced route to getting your message right at the front of everyone's thoughts both during the conference and for a long while afterwards.

There is a wide variety of choice available when thinking about custom printing folders. You can do more than print your logo on the side. Due to the flexibility offered by the Internet market you can get something designed at a really good price. It is true that the customer has a lot more power due to the availability of suppliers on the Internet. Choosing between companies from all over means the competition is hotter. This has meant more than just prices being tightly controlled - also it has encouraged an increase in tailor made products.

Another advantage of using these Internet companies is that for any of the printed products they process, folders in this example, you are able to create your design online. This process normally takes the form of making choices about style from the templates on offer to which you then add your text. If you want to upload particular electronic images of your own like a photo or your logo, this is possible in many cases too.

If you want to make the most of the marketing chance offered by giving out folders at conferences or with any information you choose to give away, then you should look to get a decent quality product. A flimsy bit of card that is folded into shape will probably not last the day. Instead you could find a well made plastic folder, or even one of those made with plastic backed fabric. They will cost a bit more, but you will find that they are used for a long time, and this means increased exposure for your message.

Though Internet services often offer most flexibility and the best prices, you will probably want to see some samples before you commit to a large order. This is usually quite easily arranged. The great thing about online printers is that they are just the front end of a real business - there is nothing virtual about printing ten boxes of folders! This means that you can almost always find a telephone number that allows you to dial up and speak to a salesman who can send out samples and offer some advice. In this way you will leave clients and attendees at your events with a tangible reminder of what you are offering.

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