Marketing and Distributing Your Products

 by: Tina Valiedi

Increase Success With A Marketing And Distribution Plan

When considering a strong business plan, one of the first areas would be to consider is a firm plan of marketing and distribution. Proper marketing and distribution of your product line can be the lifeblood of your success. The two also have to work in unison in order for your company's product line or lines to move in a smooth fashion. Many upstart companies focus too much attention on their investment and what they hope they will see a return. That marketing and distribution doesn't get the foremost attention that it needs to make that return happen. That is one of the sole reasons the majority of startup businesses fail to make it past the five-year mark.

Start your marketing and distribution plan with these three questions: Who will use what you offer? Is there a demand for what you offer? Who are competitors and how do they market? These question will lead you to your target market and will give you a clue on how to reach them.

Now that you know your market, let's look at two different methods to reach them. Offline marketing referring to more traditional methods and online marketing using the internet. Traditional marketing can include radio, TV, newspapers, flyer just to name a few. Online marketing usually begins with a website and using pay-per-click advertising to place high in search engine results. Most marketing plans use a combination of both methods. A great way to motive a potential customer to buy your product is to offer a first time special price or give a quantity discount.

The customer makes a purchase... how do you get it into their hands? Your product is the determining factor on how you want to distribute it. You can do it yourself or hire somebody. Either way you'll many different methods. This is where taking some time and doing your homework will pay off handsomely. Doing it yourself keeps a bigger profit in your pocket. But you can only take do so much by yourself. Outsourcing your distribution means give a percentage of the sale to the broker, salesperson, reseller or any other middleman you use. However you can reach and maintain a larger customer base which equals more sales. Adding more to your bottom line.

Another part of your marketing and distribution plan should include how to handle growth. How do you expand your product line? How to keep up with demands of a growing customer base? Ask your self what if... and then create an action plan you can easily implement in times of growth and crises. When you include the what if in your marketing and distribution plan, you greatly increase your business success.

About The Author

Tina Valiedi is a Chief Editor for MPStrategies Firm, a company whose breakthrough service unleashes the power of the internet to drive hidden potential clients to your site. For more marketing how to information visit:

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