Getting Traffic To Your Website Is Easy Right? Content, Content, Content!

 by: Matt O'Connor

OK, so you’ve probably seen headlines like that before, you’ve probably even read articles that promise to give you the secrets to creating floods of traffic for your site.

Well I’m going to give you the fool-proof plan for creating a site that sticks.

One that attracts swathes of visitors and one that, crucially, people will return to time and again.

Why are so many people struggling to attain good numbers of traffic to their site?

The simple answer is they’re not sticking with the PLAN!

Here’s a simple guide to endless, free traffic to your website, no matter what the topic or niche.

1. Do Your Research - before you even put up a webpage; gather a large list of keywords on your chosen niche - next write an article on each keyword (preferably around 500 words long) or even better get someone else to write it for you!

2. Get A Domain Name - don’t use keyword domains, these were fashionable for a while but it’s better to give your site some type of branding (i.e. Overture).

3. Make Your Site Swift & Neat - sounds obvious but the simple the better, the longer the loading time, the more likely your visitor will be inclined to click away.

4. Add One Page Of Content Per Day - and make sure it’s ORIGINAL CONTENT! But more than that, make sure it’s enjoyable to read and informative, write in a way that enlightens the reader while at the same time putting some of your personality into the text. After all, it’s your personality (be it in the design as well as the content of the site) that will separate your site from a hundred other identikit sites. Be different and you will be successful.

5. Cross Link Within Your Site - make sure you link to other pages within your site that are relevant to each other. This spreads out the value of your site rather than having merely one high-ranking page.

6. Submit & Forget - submit once to the search engines - Google, Teoma etc. then forget about it!

7. Get Those Links - try and swap a handful of links to your site each week. Also list your site in numerous directories.

8. Submit Articles - and don’t forget your web address in the author’s box. This helps to get your site name strewn across the net in places you simply wouldn’t have thought of before.

9. Keep Adding That Content - remember one page a day. And make it your own!

10. Move On To Your Next Site - Keep working on your old site but all the while start thinking about and planning your next one. Get a handful of sites each bringing in a few dollars a day and before you know it it’s goodbye to the 9 to 5.

So that’s a pretty brief overview but I guarantee it works.

It’s entirely possible to concentrate on building, say, 30 sites with the method above.

Add affiliate links and adsense blocks and you will have a very profitable income stream.

Work on each of your sites (assuming you’ve worked towards your goal of 30) 1 day per month.

In a year’s time you could have added thousands of dollars per year to your income.

And it’s all thanks to that brand new, sparkling content that you enjoy writing so much, right?

About The Author

Matt O’Connor is owner of a step-by-step guide, written in plain English (with a certain lack of hype) to starting your own internet home business.

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