Traffic Attracts Traffic

┐by: Joaquin de la Sierra

After you build a successful website, think to yourself ┐is it good enough?┐ - If the answer is yes, then you may continue reading this article.

As this article┐s title suggests, traffic attracts more traffic. For this to be effective, your website must be good and it must offer unique content for everyone - here is where the old saying, content is king, comes into play!

Unfortunately, getting traffic to your website does indeed offer major difficulties and it is out of the scope of this article to show you the basics. Let┐s get into what you really need to double your current traffic.

A) Content - Of course the primary thing you will ever need is content. Before even releasing your website to the public, have prepared at least 20 unique content-rich articles for your visitors.

B) Originality - More importantly is originality. Who will link to another website offering ┐a blog about my life?┐ Probably nobody - unless that person has many friends, but now think - how many people will link to a website offering something new? Think about it.

C) Word of Mouth - You must make it easy for your visitors to send an e-mail to their friends if they liked your content. The ┐Tell a friend┐ box works perfectly even if you don┐t believe it! Make a quick Google search and implement one of those in your webpage as soon as possible.

D) Website┐s Name - The domain name you chose for your website does influence greatly the number of referrals you will get from word of mouth. Yesterday, I was browsing the ┐purchase a domain name┐ forums, and surprisingly, some people were selling domains such as ┐┐ or ┐┐ - those websites are horrible for word of mouth referrals as in the first case, no matter how good the website is, all the type-in traffic would go to ┐┐ - unless explicitly said otherwise, but why would your users spend time for being explicit?

E) Website┐s Design - The design you choose for your webpage will influence it greatly. If you can┐t make a good design, hire! People will very likely remember your webpage by your design, and if they don┐t like it, bye bye traffic. Also remember that your design must be easy on the eyes - never make a red background or dark text with a dark background - preferably stick to the old black and white combination which works best... don┐t be too adventurous in this aspect.

Always remember that word-of-mouth traffic is the most important of them all as they are more likely to give you links or refer more people which gives you, in turn, even more traffic. Making a good website has the snowball effect in which the more people that look at your site, the more people they tell and the more money in your pocket.

About The Author

Joaquin de la Sierra is an internet writer who shares his money-making experiences in his personal blog located at

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