5 Less Known Tips To Consider For Fast Search Engine Indexing And Better Search Engine Placement

 by: Dmitry Dowzhenko

1. Domain expiration date. Most really good websites are registered for 10 years or more. Nobody will take website seriously if it was registered for 1 year only. So, extend your domain registration if it will expire in less than 10 years. This will tell search engines that you are serious.

2. Links. If your site has broken links, don’t even start submission. Google won’t care about you if you don’t care about your visitors. There are some web services that do link checking for free. I have forgotten URLs; try to search Google, if you need.

3. Website speed. If you have slow website, you will get lower position. Company I use is http://hostingishere.com

4. Size. Websites under 40-50 pages get faster indexing. Even if you have large website, remove some pages before submission. Add them later, one by one, 2-3 pages in 1-3 days. Search engines love growing sites.

5. If you are using 3rd party articles for content of your website, then you have to remove old ones and use only fresh ones (1 week old articles maximum) Search engines penalize sites without own content, but there is a delay which you can use.

About The Author

Dmitry Dowzhenko is an expert webmaster, writer and articles editor of hosting reviews site http://infite.com where he has special expertise to explain the technical facts in easy to understand manner.

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