Submit Articles - Where to Find Article Submission Sites?

żby: Richard Bean

You heard that articles are one of the best ways for your web site promotion. So, you written a few good, interesting and informative articles and now what? Off course, you need to submit your articles to free article directories, web sites which allow free article submission, and your articles will become visible to wide audience.

Off course, if you want the best results you need to submit them on many places. If you find a lot of good article sites, the more constant traffic you will receive. How to find where you can submit your article?

There is a several ways:

1. You can try with Google, Yahoo or some other search engine. If you type some general search term, like "article", you will get about 847,000,000 results. There is no that much article directories. Most of the search results are completely irrelevant for you.

2. You can try with some more specific phrase. Most of article sites has "submit article" link. If you type "submit article" phrase to Google and search, you will get much better results. Now, there are "only" 3,920,000 search results. There is a problem because some web sites have "Add your article" link instead of "Submit Article" or some different phrase. It is very difficult to guess all that phrases and almost impossible to craw through a millions of Google search results.

3. The pretty good way is to follow what successful people do. Browse through, especially through categories that are interesting for you. Try to find articles with a lot of views and writers that are submitted a lot of articles. These writers are probably experts with a lot of experience and they know where to submit articles. How you will find out what they already know? Simply, copy caption of some their popular article, and paste it in Google phrase search. Google will return search results with sites that contain this article. :)

4. The third way is much better than first two, but it also has a lot of failings. Ideally, you need complete, correct and fresh information without loosing your time. There is a free article sites master list at . The list is updated daily and contains not just URLs of article sites, but also Google Page Rank (importance of web page, used by Google to calculate a position in search results) and Alexa traffic information (popularity of web site).

About The Author

Richard Bean is owner of Bean Software ( company, which offers .NET Database Search Control. Also, he write an ASP.NET tutorials and articles useful for webmasters generally.

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