Keeping Higher Search Engine Rankings For Your Website

 by: Jamey Perkins

It is just not enough to optimize your website once. Keeping higher search engine rankings for your website requires continuous work, and it will never end.

Why did my website's search engine rank fall?

Well, there could be many reasons, but the most likely reason is that you neglected your site. Websites are almost like a living thing. You have to provide them food and sustenance in the form of content, and link building. If your site has fallen in search engine rankings, then you probably starved it of what it needed.

The world around your website is constantly changing. If you don't make the necessary adjustments to your site, then you will most likely be left behind. your website needs maintenance to keep up.

Here are some possible causes for your site falling in search engine rankings.

* Search engines have changed their indexing strategies.

* You have dead internal or outbound links

* Your backlink structure is starting to dissipate

* Another site is making better use of your keywords

* Your pagerank has fallen

What can you do to keep your site getting higher search engine rankins?

To start with, take a good look at your competition. The answer may lay right there on their site. Are they making better use of your keywords? If so, you need to re-examine your keywords, and possibly change them.

I always tell my clients that one of the primary keys to maintaining higher search engine rankings is constantly updating and adding new content. If your website gets "stale," your will drop fast. Adding new content and updating old content gives search engines reason to keep coming back. We know that the spiders are always hungry, and if you have fresh food for them, they will come back and come back often.

Update your website's internal and outbound links. It is quite possible that you need to change the keywords in your internal links, and there is also a very good chance that you may have dead outbound links. Dead links on a page can severely damage that pages pagerank.

Take a look at the latest information about search engine Indexing strategies. they do change, and sometimes drastically. If this is the case, you will need to examine them, and decide what you need to do from there.

Examine your backlinks. As we know, website come and go every day. You should always be looking for more areas to place backlinks. Find new sites, and update them on old ones. A hundred backlinks might have gotten you somewhere 5 years ago, but other competing sites have passed you by. There are millions of sites out there, and many of them can be a potential backlink.

What if you are not able to keep up?

We all have busy schedules, and your business needs your attention. if you are not able to maintain the SEO on your site, then perhaps it is time to hire an affordable SEO company. As much as you dislike handing out money to someone else for your website, it is possible to get more ROI by having someone else keep up on the search engine optimization.

About The Author

Jamey Perkins has spent the last few years working in website design at He is currently studying SEO techniques to further provide better service to his web design clients. You can visit his website on Search Engine Optimization at and learn more about his techniques.

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