Google Onsite Advertiser - Let The Bidding Wars Begin!

 by: Martin Lemieux

Google Adsense has just become more powerful overnight. As if it wasn't enough that Google now gives you $100 for every successful referral to their Adsense program but, advertisers can now battle for placements within your own websites as well.

That's right, with every Adsense box you add to your site, you can now sign up for "Onsite Advertiser" which ads a button to all your Adsense boxes on your site that states:

"Advertise On This Site"... This new link takes advertisers to a unique landing page (which will include your logo if you upload one) which allows advertisers to advertise specifically within your own Adsense boxes located on your site.

For Some, This Could Be Very Powerful!

Let me break it down for you if you still don't understand the implication of this. If someone wants to target your site through their Adwords program, they can now have a bidding war with other advertisers! Your Adsense account that would typically make anywhere around $100.00 a month could potential make $1,000.00 a month! If you get the right advertiser that is willing to pay to have their ads displayed on your site, the sky is the limit. If you get multiple advertisers that want to display their Adwords on your site, your site could turn into a gold mine!

For Some Website Owners, This Could Be Devastating!

The harsh reality of this newly found fortune through your Adsense program could mean the demise of your website advertising packages that aren't part of Google. If you run advertising on your site, your sales could potential drop from the sheer amount of times visitors will be subject to Google's Onsite Advertiser program.

At least the choice is yours whether or not to have Google Onsite Advertiser installed within your Adsense boxes. There's no cost to you, all you have to do is log into your Adsense account. Under "My Account" at the top, go to the bottom of the page and fill in your Google Onsite Advertiser profile. That's it, Google does the rest.

I am curious to see the results of this new program and would definitely like to here some success stories come out of this program.

What Does This Mean For Advertisers???

Finally, you have all the control of your Adwords campaign. You can now not only target specific websites to advertise in, you can physically bid specifically for one specific website whenever you want.

This also means that PPC just got more homework. Not that you already have enough research, bidding, key word analyzing to do, you now have to study every website you visit for potential advertising.

Another Implication No One Might Think About!!!

SEO Companies are probably loving this new feature. Google has now given SEO companies a new service to offer their clients and visitors. Internet marketing companies can now increase the amount of work they do for their PPC client’s campaigns!

In Conclusion:

There are ups and downs of this new Onsite Advertiser program anyway you look at it. For me though, I would love nothing more than to see advertisers fight for ad placements on my websites.

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