Searching: Past To Present

 by: James Trivolette

I’m 30 years old and have been online ever sense the old commodore 64. When I first started surfing the net on my brand new Compaq, I used yahoo to get me where I was going. Then, I found Google. Google has been there for me ever since. I loved the way it’s clean interface would load up minutes quicker then yahoo on my 56k dial up line. I loved the way it seemed to pick out the sites I was looking for. Google would reign supreme for some years (at least to me).

In recent months with the search engine wars swinging into full effect we have seen many changes in all of them. MSN and yahoo wanting to become more like Google while Google tries to become more like them. Google has released many new products, some good others not so good. They wowed us with Google map. They gave us another option with G-mail. They tried to make buying retail easier, with Google local search. This would have been a great way to start things except they didn’t stop there. Now, G-mail has been hacked (they have since fixed the security of the mail system). Google analytics was the big talk of the town being able to show web site stats in real time. Real time? When it first came out Google analytics did not update real time instead it took 72 hours. Even now Google analytics only updates once a day and is no longer accepting new accounts. Another amazing product released to early? There were a couple other bombs release by Google as well.

The only real product that was working correctly and had the most value to me was Google the search engine. Guess what? Jagger. We watched part one wipe thousands of web sites out. We watched part 2 and 3 in fear. We waited for the fluctuations to stop then we were told we would see minor flux for some time. No longer does Google pull up the type of sites I’m used to using. Content has always been king with links coming in second place. Now you can do a search and the site in #1 can have little or no content, no back links and a mess of images with no alt tags. How is this type of site relevant? Content is king right? It may be for the other search engines but with the results you get from Google this can’t be true with them anymore. There has been a lot of talk that they will fix it but that they will wait till after the holidays so they can take the pay per click money that site owners volunteer. Whatever the case may be, Google looks to be spreading itself to thin and in the middle of this expansion doing an update that seemed to pull the relevant searches out of the SERPS.

Google reigned undefeated for a long time. Even Kings have to pass the Crown down the line eventually. The big question will be, if Google doesn’t straighten their act up, who will end up wearing the Crown of the search engine wars? Yahoo? MSN?? Wikipedia??? Only time will tell on this one....

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About The Author

James Trivolette lives in West Virginia where he works for Blackwood productions, a search engine optimization company, as office manager/technical support.

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