Whether GOOGLE is Considering PR (Page Rank) or Not?

 by: Bhaskar Anand

Everybody in the field of Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing knows what is PR (Page Rank). think its the best way to know the popularity of any website by just checking the PR of that website, you don’t need to check the log files or traffic coming to that website. But whether it is relevant now days.

To rank a website you need a good PR, but you will find a number of keywords for which your competitor, whose website is having low PR than your website is ranking top of you. It means Google is considering other things too for ranking a website on top.

The most important thing what Google is considering now a days is Title of the web page. Just copy 5 or more keywords from a web page, which is already indexed in Google and put it in the Google search box and press search button.

What you will get?

Most probably (i mean 90%) chances are you will get the same web page from where you copied the phrase on top. This makes an indication that now Google is giving utmost important to content. OOOOOOOOOOOOP's even before i mean 2 or 3 years ago Google was considering the content. It shows that content is kinging, still unbeaten and it will in future too.

So two things for sure you need to do any optimization and that is TITLE and CONTENT. Content not only gives you rank in the search engine but it motivates the visitors to buy your product or service too, so it should be targeted and keyword rich.

About The Author

Bhaskar Anand is working as Online Marketing Executive in Dzine Garage Pvt Ltd,Chennai India.D’zine Garage is a 7 year old Interactive Agency, specialising in Online Communications, Digital experiences and Business-empowering Technology services.

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