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┐by: Phillipe Wu

The so called search box should be given a correct name ┐search engine┐ which can be further divided into keyword search engines and web directories. Web surfers can make use these two types of searching methods alternatively for better search results.

Search engines accumulated their data volume through spiders or robots that work among billions of websites and collect them back to the databases and index them into good order for future query by web surfers. Complicated algorithm will perform calculations and pick up right results according to keywords provided by web surfers.

There are virtually countless websites for spiders to crawl. How spiders crawl these sites? They start crawling those sites that attract bigger volume, coming to the end through sophisticated internal links. And that is the reason why website should always be linked to high traffic site for optimum market exposure.

Search engine crawlers will crawl web pages periodically for updated contents. The newly added contents should be available to web surfers at the next database updates which normally take few days up to few months.

At the moment, there are two types of submissions are available: paid inclusion and pay for placement. Through paid inclusions, websites can be indexed into database efficiently including your newly added contents. However, your paid inclusion does not guarantee your rankings in search engines. The best advice would be having a perfectly optimized web page ready before any paid procedures.

Pay for placement will give you immediate ranking for any targeted keywords. The higher you bid the better your ranking will be. And pay per click system will let advertisers have more say as to how their advertising budget will be corrected allocated. Normally, these search engines have many affiliates to cover more advertising areas.

Unlike Search Engines send out spiders to crawl websites automatically, the web directories accumulate their database manually by human editors. The most important web directory is the Open Directory Project ( that compiles databases manually and indexed websites of extreme high quality and unique contents.

To submit urls to web directories, you must first make sure if the site you are going to submit has been indexed already. You can check up this by entering your website url in the search box. Then choose the category that best correspond to your products and services.

After you get the proper category, submit your site by clicking the button of suggest a site or suggest url and follow the instructions. In the mean time, correct titles, descriptions, keyword meta etc should be well written. Promotional adjectives such the best and the most should be avoided.

Following strictly the rules listed would be our heart and soul suggestion to get your site listed successfully.

About The Author

Phillipe Wu is the marketing manager of, a B2B manufacturer & supplier marketplace & portal listing with full information of products, manufacturers, suppliers & exporters from China & Taiwan. is a leading B2B China manufacturers directory for global buyers to buy Taiwan quality at Chinese prices. Efficient in China products sourcing. All China products with high quality & low manufacturing cost. Direct contact with China manufacturers, contract manufacturing companies, factories and OEM / ODM manufactures & exporters. covers all industries & business from China & Taiwan, including Machinery Equipments & Tools, Electronic & Electrical Components, and so on. Visit to learn more.

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