Website Traffic Needs A Driver

 by: Mike Burke

First of all, let me dispel the myth that a website can gain huge success and continue to remain productive simply by using an 'auto-pilot' program.

You know what an 'auto-pilot' program is, right? You see them splashed all over the web. Basically, they're website marketing schemes designed to provide a constant flow of targeted traffic to your website simply by picking a general category, paying some money and away you go.

The problem is, more often then not, 'auto-pilot' programs are only designed to sell 'auto-pilot' programs.

This isn't to say that that some of the ideas being offered by these programs don't have any value.

Every idea, tried and true or unconventional, has a place in your marketing plan and the most important part of a marketing plan is to actually have one.

Website Traffic Needs A Driver

If you want your website to be successful, you need to take control of the marketing - you need to be the 'driver' of your website traffic marketing machine.

There are many different roads you can take with your marketing machine and each of them needs to be understood and explored. One isn't better than the other but rather they have to all work together if you want to draw some serious traffic to your website.

Simply throwing money at the problem isn't the answer. A wildly successful marketing plan doesn't have to cost much money - if any money at all.

Consider this:

Big name companies often throw thousands and thousands of unfocused dollars into their 'generic looking template' websites and get far less traffic than the little guys that have no advertising budget but have great marketing plans.

Something as simple as signing your emails with your name, a short teaser for your website and your website URL could easily bring you some traffic. Combine this with other simple but effective website promotion ideas and your 'marketing machine' will really start to roll.

How about this one:

Create an email with a joke that relates to the theme of your website but 'leave out the punch line'. Next, create a page on your website with the punch line of the joke.

Put a link in your email to the page on your website with the punch line of the joke and say something like:

"Please forward this email to your friends - it will make their day! This joke is so funny they'll be crying with laughter!

Then Click Here ==> (the link to the page on your website with the rest of the joke) for the rest of this hilarious joke."

Now, send this email to everyone you can think of.

Congratulations! You've just created a viral email (not spam)

Your friends will forward your email to their friends. Their friends will forward your email to their friends and so on. That simple email could bring your website a ton of traffic very quickly.

The scope of this article isn't to go into the details of the various ways to drive traffic to your website (we'll save them for other articles) but rather to get you to understand that you are the 'driver' of your marketing machine and it's up to you to steer it in the right direction.

Keep your eyes and ears open. Pay attention to how websites are being promoted to you and soon you'll be coming up with great ideas of your own to skyrocket targeted traffic to your own website.

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About The Author

Mike Burke is the author of numerous articles and has an affection for website marketing. Learn how to drive tons of targeted traffic to your site without spending a dime on advertising. Visit us at

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