Opt-in Emails Are Better

 by: Desmond Mantor

Buzzwords and other terminology relating to the internet are

being churned out constantly. However, they rarely mean

anything new and normally refer to terms used prior to the

internet age. Opt-in emails are one example.

Email marketing is little more than traditional direct

mailing. The format has changed but the principle remains

the same: send out a lot of ads to a lot of people and

hope for some responses. The problem with this marketing

strategy is that it is very inefficient and costs a lot

of money. Worse, there are thousands of ads that go unread

making the entire process a very wasteful affair.

On the other hand, opt-in emails produce qualified leads

only because you can send them to only those people who have

granted you permission to send your marketing material to

them. No wonder, any marketing major will tell you that

these are the best leads to have. Opt-in emails are

different from the basic email marketing campaigns in the

sense that people have started abusing spam and all the ads

that pile up in it are never read and almost always land up

in the virtual trash can. But, opt-in emails are likely to

be personalized and welcomed by recipients.

There is no discounting the fact that it is a great

challenge to find people that are willing to receive your

offers. However, the good news is that there are

specialized services on the Net, offering subscribers who

are willing to receive offers from companies such as yours.

Of course, you have to choose the subscribers judiciously

in order to target potential customers. It would make no

sense to send emails promoting fireplace accessories to

people who are looking for car deal offers. So, it is

important to specify your market when you select one of

these opt-in subscriber services. Also, make sure they have

separate lists of people looking for different kinds of

offers. You will certainly find one if you do some research

before selecting a service.

Having qualified leads is essential if you are to get the

most out of your advertising dollar. Wasteful mass

campaigns are a thing of the past. Internet marketing is

future and opt-in emails are a part of that future.

Although specialized opt-in email services do indeed cost

money, it is cash well spent if it produces a stream of

people that are interested in hearing what you have to

offer. If you are tired of poor results from email

marketing efforts, maybe it is time to refine the

approach and utilize opt-in emails to boost your sales.

About The Author

Desmond Mantor is the Director of Marketing for Have


a company specializing in providing pre-qualified traffic

for commercial web sites, proven to convert to sales

at higher rates in comparison to other major pay per click

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