Why SEO Is Like Exercise

 by: Jeremy Knauff

Search engine optimization is usually misunderstood by most people outside of the industry (and unfortunately, misunderstood by quite a few people in the industry as well). One of the biggest assumptions people make is that SEO works just like any other form of advertising - once you pay for it, it's there. That's not the case. Often times it can take six months or more to show results in the four major search engines (which collectively hold over 90% of the market). When a company or individual promises to deliver results faster they are either lying or using techniques that the search engines consider spam. The latter puts you at a risk of being banned from the listings all together. Another misconception that a lot of people seem to have is that once their site has been optimized they are all set for life. Since the search engines are continually changing how they rank websites and your competition is always looking for ways to climb above you, what worked last year (or even last month) may not work anymore.

The best way to look at SEO is to compare it to exercise. When you first start, you won't see any results - sometimes it can take several months of hard work to see even a small improvement. After a while you will start to see some moderate results, maybe you'll shed some extra weight or tone up your muscles a bit. As you continue to put in the work the results will become obvious to others as well. Now, if you decide that you're happy where you are and simply quit exercising you will not stay where you are - you will begin to fall behind again. SEO is no different.

If traffic to your website is important to your business then you should strongly consider professional search engine optimization services, but you should also have realistic expectations. You should take some time to talk to a few different companies before making a decision. Remember - no one can deliver results over night and a company that uses questionable techniques could easily get your website banned all together!

About The Author

Jeremy L. Knauff is the founder of Wildfire Marketing Group, a guerilla marketing firm in Tampa, Florida that has helped many companies increase their sales & profits.



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