5 Methods For Self-SEO. If You Have The Time.

 by: Conrad Sear

So you want to Search Engine Optimize (SEO) your website.

Well despite what you may hear it's easy & fun.

The caveat is time. In such a "fast food" "I want it now" mode, the web gives us just that. So why does SEO take TIME? The answer is the millions of others out there fighting for the top spots has created a niche industry by the search engines. They want to thwart the unethical scammers out there. So, we have to follow their requirements so that millions can see my website. Sure you can pay to be in the very first position. But that costs money. Capitalism at is finest.

The early days are long gone. Laws are in place now. Laws made by Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

So the simple advice is, know the laws. Ignorance will not get your site seen by anyone but you.

Follow the slow steady path & you'll be richer for it.

5 sure methods:

1. Your reading it now. ARTICLES! Write articles about your field of interest. Relate it to your website. Set these articles across the internet. Content is KING.

2. Content. You must add some relevant content to your site. It keeps the search engines & people coming back for more.

3. Links. Links are not a dead artform. Links from other sites will always help you. They help bring people to your site & help search engines see that you are popular. However, find related industry linkage. It is highly sought by Google.

When linking find high ranked sites willing to add your link. Try not to buy if you can help it. If you must, okay. But this is the only Quick Fix I recommend.

4. Another domain. Set up another domain with lots & lots of content & links. Keep the them & info related to your main site. Add your main site links. There, you've created your own network!

5. Patience. You don't get to the top overnight. (unless you pay) Submit (manually) to as many search engines & directories as possible. Do this every 30 days.

I have successfully follow this system for me & my clients for 1 full year now. If you want a sphynx cat, you'll find my client on the 1st page. If you want Long Island Real Estate, you'll find my client consistently in the top 3 pages. My own sites are at or near the top.

So, this works. Caveat: Do you have the time? Expect 30-40 days until your in the top 5-10 pages.

Have patience & good luck.

About The Author

Conrad Sear has been a web developer for 14 years. He now manages a startup SEO company called TrafficXTC.com. Their growing list of clients are all making to the top with his guidance.


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