Simple Strategies You Can Adopt to Display Adsense and Reap More Money. Use Adsense Wisely and Maximise Your Profits 1,000%.

┐by: Abraham Hanson

Simple Strategies You Can Adopt to Display Adsense and Reap More Money. Use Adsense Wisely and Maximise Your Profits 1,000%.

Adsense, Banner Advertising a Waste or False Economy?

Ask your self the following questions before you place adsense, banner advertising on your site.

1 Are adsense and banner advertising my major source of revenue?

2 Was the site set purposely to derive major income from adsense and banner advertising?

3 Was my site set up to derive majority income from the products or services I sell?

If you answer yes to question 1 & 2 don┐t read further for those of you who answer no read on.

Get the Customers Attention

You work hard to bring customers to your site and landing page only to find that you have lost your customer to captivating three line adsense advertising. If you are selling a product or service, the most important thing is to get the customers attention solely on the products as soon as they arrive at the site.

If you have an adsense on top of your page it becomes a distraction to the customer who will not be able to resist reading the adsense ads. What happens? ┐voila click, gone┐. You have just lost an important customer and revenue. How much have you made from adsense? May be 5 cents or one dollar, no one knows how Google calculates the revenue.

Simple Strategies You Can Adopt to Display Adsense and Reap More Money:

Free Product, Services and Promotions Page

If you are offering free articles, products, service & promotions, then it makes sense and pays very well to expose your adsense in a well displayed spot, mainly at the top or right hand of the page because humans read from top left to the right.

Place Adsense at the Bottom of Your Important Page

If promoting a product your sales pitch should be what the customer should be seeing first and not the adsense on top it. Continue to engage the customer on the product by the time they see the adsense at the bottom they would have made their mind about your product. Either they will purchase it or not. At this stage it will be a win-win either the product is purchased or the adsense is clicked.

Adsense Must be Relevant or Complement Site

Imagine a customer looking for a product or information, only to see a giant adsense ads greeting when they click the site with very little information on the page. The customer will just click back in less than 2 seconds. This means information and adsense need to be relevant for the customer to seek more information from your ads not the keywords that brought them to the site.

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