Does Your Webpage 'Grab?'

 by: Walter E. Pfarr

For each webpage you make available to Internet users, ask yourself the purpose of that particular page and what distinguishes it from the others.

The primary content should consume the majority of the page and be displayed prominently, yet without the Hollywood glitz. The headline should identify this content so visitors can easily ferret out whether or not it's useful to them.

The primary content should never be in small font; after all, it contains the product and/or service you are offering. Don't make the visitor go hunting...they won't and they'll be gone with the click of a mouse.

In a world where nearly anyone can publish professional looking material, it is still impossible to tell from appearance alone how credible the information is or how trusting a service is. Every page should, therefore, carry information about who created and published it or a link to that information. Resource boxes are helpful in this arena.

Every page should also be self-explanatory. The headings and subsequent data should provide adequate background knowledge to someone who has seen no other pages on your site.

A company name or logo is an obvious way to provide information about the publisher. Avoid, at all risk, "cutesy" page headings that do not adequately describe the ad copy. You also should affix a date on every page with substantial content and update the page regularly.

Always read and re-read each and every word on each and every page before offering it up to the Internet public. There is such a thing as "spellcheck" so by all means use it. Misspelled words dictate unprofessionalism.

Without a great look, your website sales will be limited and your customers might be annoyed. Remember: they are #1.

About The Author

Walter E. Pfarr possesses over 30 years experience in the print media as well as in grant writing, administration, fundraising, development and public relations. Along with his wife, he has owned and operated many successful and highly ranked safelists and has belonged to many top grade affiliate programs and other online venues.

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