How to Dominate Google Adwords from Day 1

 by: Anik Singal

Whether you're promoting an affiliate program or your own product, using pay per click traffic is almost necessary.

Wait, let me re-phrase that - pay per click traffic is almost necessary to TEST. Let's be frank, this form of traffic does NOT work for all niches and businesses.

Also, succeeding with pay per click traffic is not as easy as just putting up an ad and sending traffic to your main site.

There are lots of elements involved such as your ad, your competition, the landing page, and how much you're paying.

Obviously, to discuss all these elements, we'd need to write a book - however, this particular article is going to make you an expert on how to pay less than all your competition and out rank them at the same time.

Google has a unique system of ranking their ads that allows you to be on the top even if you're paying the least per click.


Just make sure you have the highest click-through rate on your ad...

There are two main things you need to do to make sure you can get to the top while paying the least.

1. Have a killer start - don't be cheap, spend the most in the beginning.

2. Consistently test your ads to improve your click through rate.

#1 - Killer Start

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they launch a PPC campaign is that they get cheap in the beginning and try to start slow.

That's all wrong.

You need to spend the most in the beginning. Go in with a are two reasons why.

1. If the strategy just isn't going to work, find out early and get out - don't waste precious time.

2. More importantly, spend the most on PER click in the beginning. Why?

If you spend the most on "per click" in the beginning, that's the only way you can convince Google to put you on the top. You have no click through record, so you have to make up for that by spending more.

By spending the most in the beginning, you'll get your ad on the front page and get quick exposure.

This way you'll quickly build up your click-through record and can immediately start decreasing your "cost per click" without losing your spot.

Now, if you had started with a low cost per click, you'd end up on some page far down, never really get any exposure and could potentially take weeks/months

before you build up any kind of click through rate.

So, first lesson, start fast - go in with a higher "per-click" budget. Get in strong and you'll see the best results.

#2 - Test, Test!

The next best way to increase your ad rankings and decrease your "per-click" costs is to always test new ads.

Google allows you to run two ads at the same time for the same keywords, they will automatically rotate your ads, one after the other.

This way you can slowly tweak the headlines, the ad, the domain name - everything and find what works best.

Always do this and you'll slowly see your click through rates increase - as your click through rises, you can decrease your "cost per click" without losing your spot in the ad.

So, bottom line, even if you're in a niche with a lot of competition - you can still dominate.

Go in strong, try to get your ad some quick exposure to build a clickthrough rate fast. Then, quickly start decreasing your per click costs.

Just a quick word of caution, if you use this strategy, make sure to actively monitor your adwords account. ALSO, make sure you set your daily limit to something you can afford losing.

You'd be surprised how quickly Google can eat up your mo*ney!

Alright, now you're equipped with some advanced tips on how to quickly take over a niche in Google.

If you have any further questions, please contact Anik Singal at

Copyright 2005 Anik Singal

About The Author

This article is written by Anik Singal, founder of Anik Singal has developed his own affiliate system that helped him earn well over $10,000 in just 60 days. Now, he's looking for a few students to train one step at a time.

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