Beneath the surface of Internet Marketing

¿by: Michael Morris

To most people Internet Marketing looks like a good way to make money from home, which is possibly the main reason while people start. The shame is that people like this don't realize that they are only scratching the surface.

The aim of this article is to make sure you don¿t become one of them and miss out on what lies beneath the surface of Internet Marketing.

As you read on think about your job or most traditional businesses. Comparing what you know against the information here. It will become abundantly clear that your job or traditional business can't give you what being an Internet marketer can.

To setup most ordinary businesses requires capital, your own (or a bank¿s) money to invest before you do anything. I guess these days $10,000 is possibly a conservative figure for start up costs, dependant of course on what you choose to do.

As an internet marketer joining affiliate programs lets you start making money without the outlay. Many affiliate programs are free and you can market with free ads. To be fair even getting your own site up could be done for a not too many dollars.

When you¿ve got going, building your business on a budget is not unrealistic. Obviously the less you spend the longer it takes, but; remember a normal business doesn¿t have that choice. You will have some expenditure like hosting fees and merchant accounts. However, in today¿s online business even merchant accounts are not vital, there are several good facilitators providing the same service at a lower cost.

As your costs are low, each sale means more of the money is yours! By selling electronically delivered products such as e-books, you won¿t pay for shipping either.

Here¿s a real gem, you don¿t even need your own product! Yes it¿s true; there are many affiliate programs from which you can sell some great products. My web site listed in the resource box at the end of this article has some ideas to start with.

You may know this; you can market on the internet for little or no money. Online you can submit free ads, do ad swaps with your ezine, use pay per click search engines, etc. Check the costs of offline advertising. Just think how much it costs to mail 1,000 letters, compared to e-mailing a 100,000 for free.

Time is yours to use as you wish. You can build slow or fast or at whatever speed you like. You might to want put just one a day a week in or all seven. You might be the type that when all is quiet at night puts a couple of hours in then. It¿s entirely up to you.

Remember as an employee in the real world job security is a thing of the past. Many millions of people depend on a paycheck for 40 or more years as an employee. Even if you took five years to take your business from part to full time, you would be still miles ahead of the many.

Your business is open all hours 24/7 for 365 days a year. Your business is not limited to a locality, it¿s worldwide! A web site works while you sleep as does all your advertising and articles such as the one you are now reading. The BIG SECRET is that the older your online business gets, the less work it takes to make more money.

As an employee, the company you work for gets to keep most of the money that your hard work produces. However, the opposite is true of your online business; you¿re the owner not the employee, the bigger your business grows the bigger your paycheck!

There are plenty of other people who have been in online business a while. They have created the business plans so you don¿t have to. Learn how to do it from those who have done it before. Follow their lead and you¿ll get the same results.

Resources to help your business grow can be cheap and free in lots of cases. Subscribing to ezines can give you access to many free tips and articles to help your business grow. You can buy information on how to build your business from as little as $10. It stands to reason though the dearer it is the more valuable it is, and it will help you to build faster. You must remember that you can find plenty of great support that costs little.

As an online marketer you are part of the online marketing community. In my experience online marketers are good people who have no problem helping each other. They are only an e-mail away if you need help and support. They can offer plenty of guidance on what to do and more importantly what not to do!

I save what I believe is the best till last, the TAXMAN! Before you all go diving for cover, I mean all the allowances you can claim for against your business.

Here are just a few when you are running a home based business:

Office supplies including your computer and its peripherals

Related tools such as hosting fees, journals, magazines.


Your phone

and much, much more

What other business has these benefits? Network marketing is probably the closest but not close enough, only if you are using internet marketing to build it.

Copyright 2005 Michael Morris

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