The Ultimate Secret To Internet Success! (And It’s Not What You Think)

 by: Dan Lok

What I'm about to say may hurt your feelings, but it's time someone tells you the truth:

If your website is not making money, it’s NOBODY'S FAULT BUT YOUR OWN!

I'm warning you...this message is sharp and pointed. I guess I'm "fighting back" after hearing so many people bitch and moan...

"Oh Dan, my website is not working money or website is not making the kind of money I want. But it's not my fault...

  • If only the competition wasn't so fierce...

  • If only people were buying online more...

  • If only I can get higher ranking on all the major engines...

  • If only my affiliate will promote my stuff harder...

  • If only I can get more traffic to the site...

  • If only my customers will just send me more referrals...

If only... If only... If only... What a bunch of hooey!

I am here to tell you, if your website is not making money, the only finger you can point is at yourself.

If you're busy pointing fingers anywhere else, you're suffering from one of the most common "sicknesses" in business...a toxic point of view that can kill...

Passing the buck.

If you can't accept total responsibility for the success and failure of your site, you're not in're powerless.

BUT...if you "own" your website completely...if you accept that it will rise or fall because of you...if you're fully accountable for it...

Then you're the power figure...and you can use your power for good -- to improve, polish, and perfect your website.

If you're willing to do the work and analyze the situation AND YOURSELF, you'll find answers to key questions like these:

***What are my problems?

***What are the true reasons why my website is not doing well?

***What am I pretending not to know/see?

and the biggest question of all:

***What do I personally need to do or have to make things better?

Maybe you need more knowledge, maybe you need more skills, maybe you need more traffic, maybe you’re not doing enough marketing...

It doesn't matter what you need. What matters is that you identify the need and then fill it!

I have a friend who says that as a business person on the web, you can take one of three approaches.

You can be a wiener (someone who throws money at a failing website), a whiner (someone who complains about throwing money at a failing website) or a winner (someone who says, "I'm going to make this failing website succeed.")

If your website is not getting enough traffic, do more per-pay-click, write articles, send out some press releases, exchange links with other sites, whatever, do something.

If your website is not converting well, hire a copywriter, re-write your own copy, test different website conversion strategies, do something.

If you don’t know how to set up your site properly, hire a web designer, learn HTML, get an auto-responder,

The key here is to stop whining, start getting mad at the situation and then do something about it.

Do whatever you want...just do something!

Don’t sit around and hope and pray your website will do better. Because it won’t.

What's the worst that will happen if you take action? You'll make mistakes.’ll also LEARN from your mistakes. You’ll get FEEDBACK from the marketplace so you'll know how to MAKE CHANGES so your site will be more effective.

You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.

Stop whining and take action!

That's a Lok!

Dan Lok

Copyright 2005 Quick Turn Marketing International, Ltd.

About The Author

Dan Lok is known as "The World's #1 Website Conversion Expert", with a proven track record of selling over $25.7 million dollars of merchandise and services. Dan has resuscitated copy that was previously in "critical condition" and helped his clients to double and triple their conversion rates... some as much as 417%!!! More than 200 websites have been "Lok-ed" and loaded for Internet action. Go to:

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