Simple Changes Can Boost Sales

 by: Todd Kenovas

Just a few minor changes to ad copy, tactics or business techniques can be enough to boost sales without burdening your budget. To modify your sales approach, choose one or more ideas from this list.

1. Use gifts or discounts to reward web site visitors and create good will that can spread virally. Remember, though, if you give away junk expect to get the same in return.

2. Before rolling out your product, test it thorougly to eliminate problems that will annoy buyers, instigate refunds and tarnish your business. In exchange for feedback, you might offer free products to a select group of customers or post an offer to web site visitors.

3. Bonuses, limited quantities and deadlines are all tools that can enhance the value of your product. Find whatever reason you can to encourage customers to buy now rather than think about returning later. Once they leave your site, they have plenty of distractions to keep them from returning.

4. Make sure that you know and can clearly state your unique selling proposition. Demonstrate precisely why your product differs from the competition's. Perceived value and uniqueness are important selling features that can overshadow price.

5. Spin off your mass market product to serve smaller niches. For example, a general accounting program could be tailored to serve markets like restaurants, real estate and the medical industry.

6. Spice up your ad copy with a surprise bonus and it could be a sales clincher. If you then over deliver by giving two bonuses, you create a satisfied customer who may buy from you again as well as recommend you to others.

7. By combining your product with others that you own or acquire, you can create an entirely new package that will sell in limited quantities or for a limited time. Urgency and uniqueness create a terrific sales tandem.

8. Meet more needs for visitors by broadening the scope of your web site. If you are offering a service, search for products such as books or courses that you can offer as well. Can't find any? Create your own or hire someone to do so.

9. Boost your credibility by offering free ad spots to a select group of corporations that can burnish your credibility by their presence on your web site.

10. Create emotional impact in your ad copy through vivid language that helps the reader to see how the product will meet their needs and change their lives. Project their lives a year or two into the future, explaining what has happened through the use of your product. Imagery that grabs readers and makes them see the product in action is a powerful sales booster.

About The Author

Todd Kenovas is Marketing Manager for the keyword advertising solution, Webways Media. See for more information.

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