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 by: Riki Trafford

Everyone knows the media and public love good PR. But, does PR work its charm in the same manner online? If it's handles appropriately, good PR is even better through the Internet where a captive audience awaits its news.

In many ways, by their very nature, a website is a superb PR campaign. Since websites spread the work about your service or product and are highly visible to the public, websites make great PR tools. According to some experts, websites hold the potential to exceed traditional routes of PR. If you think about, why go online if your presence doesn't increase your ability to be noticed in a positive light and increase your bottom line?

Attracting positive attention is easy through many online PR tools. A few ways that your can get your messages across to a wide market is by using some of the below tools:

1. Newsgroups and blogs.

Many visitors want to hear the latest on what's happening in your business and related industry. By opening a forum that allows constructive discussions, you can position yourself as a guru or expert.

2. Online Yellow Pages and Organizations.

Visitors many times want to know what organizations you belong to. So, become a member of many related groups since this increases your integrity and makes your capabilities more legitimate in the visitor's eye. List yourself in these online directories so people can easily find you. Inside directories like the Yellow Page, offer lots of information about your business such as your website and keywords or phrases that say a lot about your specialties. Some directories to start out with are and

3. Special Feature Articles and Press Releases.

Inside publications online, you can submit releases and articles that are newsworthy. As you build a relationship with these publications, arrange to publish feature articles that directly relate to your business. Inside each release and article, include your web address so visitors can seek more information. If submitting to publications is too time intensive, arrange for an online PR firm or service to do it for you. For a fee, these firms will submit your material to up to fifty or more online media sources.

4. Newsletters and E-zines.

Through your own e-zines that require a subscription by visitors, you can spread PR about related information to your products, services or industry. Through the e-zine and newsletters, you can offer short course materials that support and show your knowledge and begin a solid relationship with your visitors.

The main reason to employ PR tools is to bring business your way. Stick with PR campaigns that draw in business rather than sucking up valuable time and money. If the campaign doesn't work at first, restructure it or toss it out to pasture. Remember, not every PR is measurable financially

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