5 Ways To Lose Your Ezine Subscribers

 by: Ken Hill

1. Don't keep a regular publishing schedule.

Pick a schedule that is right for you, and stick to it. Your subscribers will become used to hearing from you, and you'll be able to gain their trust and business.

2. Don't make your free bonus easily accessible to your new subscribers.

For example, if you offer a free bonus ebook, let your new subscribers get your link for downloading your ebook in your welcome email.

If you make your subscribers wait for their first issue or worse never give them their bonus, you'll lose their trust and they'll quickly unsubscribe from your ezine.

3. Don't let your subscribers get to know you.

Include a publisher's or editor's note in every issue so that your subscribers will be able to learn more about you.

By doing this, you'll be able to easily connect with your readers and sell more of your products because your subscribers will see you as a "real person."

4. Don't provide valuable content.

Brand yourself as an expert in your field by writing articles on your ezine's chosen topic.

You could also publish free to reprint articles, write product reviews, or you could provide your readers with marketing or promotional resources that you use and recommend.

5. Send too many solo ads.

Differentiate your ezine from other publications by not bombarding your subscribers with solo mailings.

Only send a solo mailing once or twice a month to promote your special sale or your new product offering.

About The Author

Ken's articles on ezine publishing have been published in numerous ezines and web sites all over the net. For more articles and resources that will help you to get started publishing your own successful ezine, visit Ken today at: http://www.ezinepublishers.net.

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