The Most Powerful Niche In The World And How You Can Always Profit From It

 by: Markus Wahlgren

There is one piece of software that is always going to be purchased like hotcakes regardless of how the market is. No matter if it is a recession, no matter if most people experience a "slow" market. It is not even new. It is what made the industrial world what it is today, and it all started with a man called Henry Ford.

What For did was to implement the use of the conveyor belt in a large scale, and later this automation process was then one step further when robots where invented. This completely revolutionized the way we all live.

Boring, hard, repetetive tasks where now being completed with tireless metal slaves, and big money was made because the robots don't require rest or even a salary.

So what does this have to do with you and your business? Invent the robot again! Well, sort of. The niche that I am talking about is automation software. Because, you see, this is a robot of sorts, and they have excised since the boom of the Internet, and there will always be a market for it. Internet marketing fads and trends always bring new tasks to be performed.

If you can make help a marketer make this time consuming tasks a breeze he will save time and money, so he'll buy it. Take blogging for example. When the big blogging trend started, and marketers all over the world saw the opportunity to get indexed fast by the search engines they all jumped on the blog craze. Smart people began developing software to autopost, auto-ping, auto-this and auto-that, and yes, these small pieces of scripts and software made people a lot of money.

Same thing happened several years ago with autosubmitters. Buy a piece of software and it will optimize your page for the search engines and submit it to hundreds of them. See, another robot saving time and money for a lot of people.

More examples? Recently several sites has begun offering article-pulling software that takes articles from directories and inserts them in templates, another time-saver. There will always, always be a need for automation software and it will always be in high demand.

So there you have it, an ever-hungry audience with money to spend (since they are making money and what you sell to them can save them time and make them even more money). That, and the fact that man is lazy by nature.

So the next time you see a marketing trend, find what you could do to cash in on by automating it. Make yourself a blue-print and send it of to the freelance sites. Have it built for you, and write, or have someone write, the killer-copy for your product. Do you smell the money yet?

About The Author

Markus Wahlgren is the creative writer of Sparkle Media. He has put together an unbiased site about Forex Investments at

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