How To Start Your Own Teleseminar Business In Ten Steps

 by: Marvin Haycock

Up until the early nineties, there were only two ways by which you could learn. The first is through formal schooling by attending a certified college, university or institution offering a vocational course. The second is through self-study by reading some resources and experiencing the lessons personally.

But with all the technological advancements of today, you could now learn a bevy of wonderful skills and knowledge at the comforts of your own home. Among these cutting-edge long distance education modules are teleseminars.

Teleseminars are sessions that simulate a classroom learning environment through phone patches. Many participants can dial a number at a specific time and receive feeds from the teacher. Lessons will then be conducted in stated assemblies, which usually last between 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Starting your own teleseminar business requires some preparations. Here are the things you need to consider if you wish to enter this industry:

1. You must have a system that would allow multiple parties to connect via a single line. Contact your local telephone company for the availability of this feature.

2. You should have an interesting subject that people would want to learn about. Examples of popular topics are ways to make money online, Internet marketing, as well as highly specialized skills that need expert instructions.

3. You must prepare an outline of your lessons beforehand. With this outline, you would be able to determine how many sessions it will take to complete the course, and how much time will be needed per session.

4. You must prepare for each lesson. List down everything you want to discuss in a manner that is both informative and easy to understand. Remember, you could only use your voice, and this can be quite restrictive. However, with a little imaginative passion, you are sure to find ways of maximizing this medium.

5. You could also prepare interviews with well known experts in the field. You could choose to play these interviews during the sessions at the appropriate points of the discussions to ensue.

6. You should know how to price your teleseminar series. The rule of the thumb is: price it for what you believe its worth. Put market trends a distant second. Try to appraise the value of your product first and come up with a reasonable price.

7. You should advertise your teleseminar so that you’ll acquire a sufficient number of enrollees. You could use both offline and online resources for this. Try to employ a system that would make things convenient for your enrollees. Do not make enrollment burdensome for them. A website with an opt-in form is the best idea for this.

8. Try to integrate an efficient payment system. Since you will not be seeing your students personally, you should have a payment processor that could facilitate transactions done through major credit cards as well as popular payment methods like PayPal.

9. Determine if you want to conduct your lessons live, or through recorded audio. Doing it live would allow for interaction, as your students can ask their questions during the lessons. However, if you’re not confident with your public, or semi-public, speaking abilities, perhaps recording your lessons could be a better approach.

10. It’s time to go live! Start at the time you have specified. It will not be your fault if your students would call in late. You have to be professional about this craft, and that includes promptness.

Your teleseminar sessions could also provide other sources of income for you. You could save your lessons through a recording device and convert them into mp3 files which you could offer for download to benefit those who missed your lessons.

Teleseminars are a new breed of information products that you could capitalize on to add another income stream for you and your family. If done right, it could even be lucrative enough to be adopted as a profession!

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