High Quality Content For High Quality Traffic

 by: Joel Osborne

Ask any renowned webmaster about the key to online success and he’ll have but one answer: traffic.

In this day and age, traffic has become the lifeblood of any online enterprise. Your gloriously designed website, for example, would be useless if no one would get to see it. This will take a doubly important turn if you’re trying to sell a digital product through your pages. No matter how sellable your product may be, it will just collect dust in the virtual world if no one would get to know about its existence.

Traffic, or the number of users who get to visit your web pages, is essential for your site’s existence. More so today when websites are used as vehicles for a number of passive income streams. Many webmasters have enrolled Pay Per Click (PPC) programs such as AdSense to supplement their earnings. These, however, are primarily dependent on the volume of visitors that load your pages. After all, how would you get those clicks if no one would be there to click them?

How do you get a sustainable amount of traffic then?

Well, it must first be said that a good 80% of the visitors that would come to your site shall be referred by the many search engines on the net. So it is essential that your site is optimized for them. Your pages must be friendly enough to the search engine spiders - those robotic little creatures that each search engine dispatches to fetch some matches for every search query made by its users - so that your site would be noticeably displayed in the search results.

Now there are many ways by which you could attract the attention of these spiders, but it will boil down to one thing: high quality content. Though the spiders would be on the lookout for triggers, usually in the form of keywords and meta tags, it is the content of your site that would ultimately win for you some visitors.

Try to run a query in any search engine for any subject you’re interested with. Notice the results? There should be short summaries or snippets that would accompany each link. These are taken from the contents of your site. If your site does not convey interesting and well-presented information, it would reflect in your link description for every search result, and Internet users will not be inclined to visit your pages.

So it is very essential that your site’s content should be of high quality. Then and only then can you start employing some search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. These techniques include:

1. The strategic placement of keywords to invite the attention of the search engine spiders.

2. Formatting your content to easily convey your keywords and descriptions for the spiders.

3. Courting other sites for inbound links.

4. Integrating excellent ALT tags to your images.

5. Making sure that your pages can conveniently be navigated.

As you could very well see, most of these popular SEO strategies have your content as the crux of their processes. Without good content, all these SEO tactics would be for naught.

There is an even more important reason for high quality content other than mere traffic. Premium content which is capable of giving rare and precious information would also be able to attract high quality traffic.

Simply put, high quality traffic is composed of targeted visitors, or those users who have the highest likelihood of helping you fulfill the goals of your site. Whether your site is a sales point, a PPC hub, or a referral source, this group of online users would help you increase your profit with more efficiency on a per visitor level.

Statistics show that on the average, 1 targeted visitor is equivalent to 60 normal ones, when it comes to achieving your site’s aims. That’s how potent target trafficking is.

If your site has good, original content, then chances are you’ll be able to acquire targeted traffic with minimal effort. The Internet, after all, is the information superhighway, and information is what fuels the web users’ behavior.

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