Web Coach Tip: 3 Proven Steps to Increase Traffic to Your Website

 by: Donna Payne


Make sure your business card includes a persuasive “FREE Offer” inviting the recipient to visit your website. I used to think this idea was too “salesy.” That is, until I tried it myself. I exchanged a handful of cards at a networking function; in the next few days I noticed a significant increase of subscribers all from this event!


People actually visited my site because of this one tiny tip? Yes, they did...because I gave them a REASON to visit.

Are you curious to know what my business card looks like?

The left half is bright yellow with a red-dashed border resembling a coupon so people are instantly drawn in and read it immediately.

It simply states: “What everybody should know before hiring a web designera??download my FREE time-saving ‘Quick-Start Web’ Workbook with 9 Proven Techniques to help you get started”


Write articles and become the “resident guru” by posting regularly in your target market’s newsgroups.

This isn’t about selling your product, but establishing yourself as an industry expert with a vast wealth of information to share.

This means you should be on the lookout for opportunities to respond to questions/postings to gain the respect of the community. Simply put, sit back, relax, be a fly on the wall and listen... wait for just the right opportunity to share your expertise.

Another trick with newsgroups is to offer to do “leg work” when someone asks a question and no one seems to know the answer. Post your own message stating that you would like to know the answer as well and that you’ll do your own research and get back to them soon.

When posting a message like this, you MUST follow through. Doing this will show everyone in a very public way that you are a resourceful “go to” person and thus increase traffic to your website when folks want to learn more from the expert!


Each time you send an email or post to a news group or forums, use your signature to ask an intriguing question or offer something of value for free. How many times have we heard this? You would be surprised how many people still forget to use this opportunity to give folks a reason to visit their site. You will definitly find my f.r.e.e. offer in my signature file.

Now it’s your turn...what else can you do to increase traffic? Offline? Online?

Copyright 2005 Donna Payne

About The Author

Donna Payne is the Chief Web Goddess of The Web Coach.net, and is known as the gal to call when you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed by the internet. To spend more time with Donna and experience Web technology, Development and Marketing in the most SIMPLIFED way possible go to http://thewebcoach.net.

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