Internet: The Darling Of Business

 by: Arun Pal Singh

Internet has become indispensable in our lives. It has become the biggest source of communication and information for us. Just pause for a while and imagine being without it.

Impossible huh!

Yes! Though called virtual this world of internet is a reality of our lives. As the time moves ahead and technology becomes more sophisticated the internet will penetrate deeper into our lives, works and cultures. Our next generations to come will witness a world which will make our look like prehistoric.

Quite a percentage of population uses the internet. But most of are unaware of the potential it has to churn out the money.

Internet has become a business arena like nothing else. There are innumerable ways to make tons of money here. Every company from small to large has to have a web presence in order to succeed. You will agree with me that every successful company does have a web address which they display wherever possible.


First the technology of the net has made the whole world into your market. Web technology including websites and browsers permit a far more number of communications possible.

Whether you provide a service or sell a product, you reach millions and millions of potential customers. Any one who has a computer and internet connection is your potential consumer. Can you think such a reach possible using any other method!

Second reason is the economy of running a business. The cost of setting up and running a business is a fraction of what you need to run a business in the real life brick and mortar business. The internet saves you cost of running and maintaining the office, reduces the number of staff required to run the business and many others.

In fact a number of home businesses on the net are run by a single individuals and quite a number of them do this in their extra time after the office.

Third reason is that the business on the net runs 24 hours a day throughout the year. Once your internet shop or website is up and running it never closes until you want it to. When one part of the world sleeps other wakes up. Your office is up and running throughout day and night. Minimum of office hassles and minimum of employee related headaches.

That implies two things -

- You have more time for yourself. You can enjoy your life better; devote more attention to your family and hobbies.

- You need to work for lesser time to run the business. If you are working you need not to leave your job while you grow your business.

It is no wonder that there are more webpages now than the human population on the earth. More and more people are turning to the net to make a good living.

Internet has surely become darling of business.

Have you embraced it yet?

Copyright 2005 Arun Pal Singh

About The Author

Arun Pal Singh is a doctor, marketer and writer. Visit his website to know more about success in online business. To avail his free Income Course, send an e-mail to with subject ‘subscribe’.

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