Solutions for your internet business opportunity.

 by: Richard Loh

"Why How When Where and Who" of managing your online home business.

"You are fired"!!

No, Donald Trump cannot fired you, you can only fired yourself. Frankly speaking, getting yourself involve in this virtual internet business opportunity is much tougher than being an apprentice with Donald Trump.

Hey! what am I talking about? I am just trying to express the true feeling of the many hopeful internet business apprentices firing themselves. If you truely want to get into this virtual internet home business, then you have to prepare yourself to be smarter, tougher and persist all the way through.

Let's begin by giving truthful answers to the following questions, the why, how, when, where and who of your internet home business.

Why are you interested in internet home business?

Is it because you had seen or heard from colleagues, friends or surfing the internet that tells you that you can make money on the internet.

You have nothing to do, jobless, retired or just testing new ideas in life.

You hate your day job and want to be on your own, no boss to bow too.

You need additional income to help cover your monthly expences.

It's a new challenge for you.

Having an offline business and want to expose them into the world wide web.

So which of the above is the reason why you want to join the million of seekers into this virtual internet business?

Which ever reason it may be, you can give it a try but whether you are successful or not, it's all depend on yourself.

Before you make the decision, please finish reading the article to make sure that you know what you are going into.

How are you going to handle your new found internet business opportunity?

How are you going to start.

How much capital is involve.

How much do you know about internet business.

How much do you think you can achieve.

These questions you should ask yourself and resolve for answers as you continue reading.

When to start managing your internet home business?

When can you start.

When to fine tune your business site.

When can you start making money.

When do you consider yourself being successful or a failure.

Tricky questions but you have to know the answers. Read on.

Where is your internet home business money?

Where can you find help.

Where are the internet business resources.

Where do you promote your internet business.

Where are all those so call easy money.

Your answers to these questions are very important to your success or failure.

Who will be successful in the quest for this internet business opportunity.

Who will provide you the best answers to the above.

Who will you follow or believe, internet gurus or yourself.

Who are the winners and who are the losers.

Who will provide you with the best supports.

Who will give you the best solutions.

Very critical questions, but the answers are everywhere. It's you, who have to find the right answers.

Lets summarise the solutions to the why, how, when, where and who.

There are many reasons as to why people are jumping in to join the internet business. Yes, it is a very lucrative business to venture into, as seen on TV, here, there and everywhere. These winners constitute a very small fraction of successful stories being told although there are millions of websites promoting each it's own internet home business. But the never told sad stories of those who fail are in the higher percentage, approximately 95%.

"Nobody is born a loser, you are born to compete and so shall you." Be yourself, think out of the box and proceed.

How then can you proceed? Start small and make it simple. Start up capital is very low for online business (for individual). Set a target of how much you want to earn each month, make it small as well, say $250 per month. Surf for knowledge about internet business. Remember the phrase; Slow and steady win the race.

When can you start? Your internet home business opprtunity can be instant if you have all the basic ready, but usually you have to make a research and study exactly what you want to do. What kind of business or topics you intend to have for your website. Time frame of making money depend solely on each individual, it can range between 3 months to a couple of years.

Where can you find help if you get stuck with your internet business opportunity? Make online friends, meet them online through friendly forums, blogs and subscribe to good reliable newsletters. Thread cautiously, play smart and build - up a reputable website and the money will slowly pour in.

The internet itself is the best place to look for answers. While following the footsteps or guidelines from the so call internet gurus, use your own instint and intelligent to guide you through to success. Just think about the internet gurus, how and why are they successful, they use their own instint and intelligent, and so can you.

Richard Loh

Affiliate Solutions For You.

©Copyright 2005 All Rights Reserved.

About The Author

Richard Loh is set up to assist those who wants to start up with their own online business. My motto: "Nobody is born a loser, you are born to compete and so shall you."

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