Adding Fresh Content to Your Existing Ebook

 by: Brian Holte

Ok, so you’re at that stage where you’ve gotten just enough content to publish your first e-book, finally the grunt work is out of the way.

Sit back and pat yourself on the shoulder for a job well done.

Next task on the list?

How to add fresh content to your already existing e-book, I personally find it much easier to add to an already existing e-book then to create an e-book!

But one does not shine without the other.

Can you think of any “sub-niche” market your target audience would like more information about, something that would definitely grab their attention and add:

  • Punch to your e-book.

  • Increased interest for your e-book but even more importantly...

  • Increased sales of your ebook

  • Add a “higher perception value” to your already existing ebook

How do you go about find that all elusive nugget?

Always turn to your target market for the best ideas on which “sub-niche market’s” to explore next, not what you think they might be interested in but what they are buying and recommending to others.


A few months ago I created an e-book related to a certain breed of dog. I made it through the grunt work and now simply add to the e-book one step at a time, one product review or interview at a time.

I ended up picking (by reading what the most used products or most wanted products by this particular target market were) a pedigree software program for a back end sales product. This pedigree software program helps owners of animals keep all the details they could ever want to track in a database about their pets.

What owner wouldn’t want to know about a software program that could help make tracking certain details of their pets easy and convenient?

So I simply contacted the owner of this particular software program, told him that I was interested in including information about his product in the e-book I had created. He knew it was a win/win situation and gladly agreed to answer a couple of questions regarding how his software worked and what benefit it could bring to the reader.

The end result, more content for the e-book with only a few minutes of work involved on my part plus the possibilities of making commission from the back end sales of the pedigree software which sells for $95.00 U.S., which I get a nice chunk of every time someone clicks on my link and makes a purchase.

So you see, it’s not that hard to add fresh content to your e-book.

With the right angle, you can make your e-book unique from your competitors, more informative to the reader, putting more money in your pocket.


Expanding an already existing e-book is simply a matter of reading what products your target market purchases, analyzing their wants and needs, focusing on one “sub-niche market” at a time.

©-by Brian Holte

About The Author

Brian Holte is a freelance writer and owner of The Ebook King. Profit From Your Knowledge-Become Self Published Further your chances of success by learning what regular folk like you and I do to become successful e-book authors:

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