Increase Adsense Revenue

 by: Jermaine Mintuck

Have the Adsense match the rest of the content of the site, like what you see here and position it between the title of the article and the content.That has generated some revenue for me already and I only started it yesterday afternoon.

I had the adsense above the title of the articles,well,so darned few clicks.I followed a friend's advice and recolored the ads to look much like the article,s colors and ,VOILA! Clicks!My friend says he experiences quite a bit of clickthrough using this method of implementing Adsense.I am discovering that it is working as well.

Notice I have used the large rectangle here.It is known that the leaderboard does not work at all since that looks like a blatant ad.No one clicks on those.I dont use leaderboards or the skyscraper ads.Neither of those really work well.

Get rid of the border in your Adsense and blend it with the background that your ads will be on.And recolor the ads like the content.Therefore, you should get better results doing it the way you will see at my site.

I can,t stress enough about the next way to keep something else off your site as it is not profiting you in any way. PSA , or Public Service Announcement Ads.In the Adsense account at Google, you can put in an URL in Alternate URL.This really keeps PSA,s out.I try to remember to put in Alternate URL, so I keep my site in profit.

Link ads are very good at CTR.Get a small link box in the sidebar of your site as well as the google rectangle and you should see a better ctr than if you just had either the rectangle OR the link box.

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Jermaine Mintuck is author of several blogs and the main blog id Adsense and Adwords aty Go to that site for more information on Adsense and Adwords.

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