How To Make Extra Money With Information Products

żby: Jeff Schuman

One way to make extra money is to build information websites around a theme. When you think about it search engines have a very hard job. When a customer sets down at their computer to research something they are looking for information that answers a question. If you can have a web page on page one of a search engine that answers that question then you have an excellent opportunity to make extra money by doing a couple of simple things.

One way to make extra money with an information web site is to put Google Ads on your website. If you look at the top of this web page you will see how I do it. Google does a great job of providing targeted advertising around the theme of the web page. It is easy to set up a Google AdSense on your web page by just copying some simple code and pasting it on your web page. Then whenever someone clicks on one of those ads you make extra money. It's kind of like having an internet cash machine.

You can learn more about making extra money with Google Adsense here:

The other thing you can do is join an affiliate program and sell a product around the theme of your web site. When someone buys the product you are selling you make a commission. This also is very easy to do as you just refer people to a sales page that is coded with your affiliate i.d. number and let the company you are representing provide the sales copy.

Here is a great website to learn about affiliate programs:

The thing that makes this easier to do is fresh content. If you can write articles and put them in a file where you host your website then you can create web pages almost effortlessly. Making extra money is only limited to the number of web pages you can build and promote. A very good source for fresh content is You will find a constant source of articles around many different themes that you can use as is and claim as your own, or you can make changes to fit the keywords you are targeting. Learn more about this great content source here:

For hosting I like to use Host4Profit. They are extremely reliable and you also get access to the Internet Marketing Warriors which is a private marketing club. You can get any question you have answered for free and their marketing forum is a great source for ideas that are working for other internet marketers. If you want to make extra money on the internet this is a great place to hang out.

The last piece of the information web site making money puzzle is advertising. The quickest way to get your website on page one of a search engine is to start a pay-per-click advertising campaign. Being on page one of a search engine is important because that is where the most traffic comes from. The key is to not spend alot of money to develop that traffic when you are just getting started.

You can learn more about advertising online with a Google Adwords campaign or by advertising only when some clicks on your ad. Pay-Per-Click lets you control how much you spend and when you spend it. It's like a water faucet. You turn it on and turn it off based on your budget. Here are 2 good places to learn more about how to make extra money doing that.

This is a really simple process once you get it going. Building information websites is only going to be a more popular way to make extra money in the future. As more and more people go to the internet with questions, we are all provided with an excellent opportunity to be there with what they are looking for.

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