Can't Invent Your Own Product? Improve An Existent One!

 by: Yohana Saint-Etienne

There's no good idea that can't be improved on. - Michael Eisner

It’s always nice to invent something completely new but this process could take months if not years! Besides only few businesses are based on a completely new idea that no one has thought of before.

Keep this in mind and do not spend too much time on trying to find something that isn't currently being done. A much better strategy for most new entrepreneurs is using older, tried and tested ideas.

Choose any existing product or service that needs improvement and find a new creative way to approach it and make it better. After all, there are very few products or services that cannot be improved!

Focus on what products you might buy and what value you could add to them; how you could change these products or how you could use them to create a profitable business.

Look closely at the products and services you use: is there anything about these products that need to be improved?

Pick any hot product or service and start wondering if/how you could make it cheaper, smaller (or bigger), faster (or slower), more effective to save time, effort or money, or more exciting.

You might be able to do almost any product better because you're cheaper or because you're adding another dimension to what's on offer or just because you can make it more colorful or more fun.

One day somebody is certainly going to do it. Why not you?

By Yohana Saint-Etienne

Copyright © 2005

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