How to Write Articles That Actually Increase Internet Traffic and Deliver Results - The Second Step

 by: Leanne Hoagland-Smith

The second step in writing articles after you have identified your article topic (Step One) that actually increase Internet traffic and deliver results is to research the key words for both the content and even more importantly for your title. Unless key words are expertly woven throughout the article, the likelikhood of your article being searched for have been greatly diminished.

Locating high traffic and high searched key words are very much like researching those “dreaded” high school and college research reports. Only, you have an advantage that you didn’t have years ago that being Inventory Overture at This free service allows you to type in any word and learn how many times that word was searched during the previous month.

Using a worksheet program, I use Excel, you can begin to create a listing of all pertinent and potential key words. In many cases, this is probably an extension of the keywords that were searched during the first step of locating a relevant topic. This type of harvesting allows you to build some historical information.

Another simpler way is to add a chart at the bottom of your article and start adding words to be checked at Inventory Overture. A rule of thumb for myself is to include at least 10 highly search keywords within each article not including the title.

For example, after determining that the topic is “small business help,” I noticed that small business had 7,410 searches in August while “business or businesses” had 1,730,952 and small business (small businesses) revealed 271,253 searches. By knowing these words or phrases ahead of time, I can begin to frame the content around these specific key words.

Additionally, you can subscribe to various ezines written specifically to Search Enginge Opitimization (SEO) such as one offered by These publications provide additional research and knowledge regarding keywords.

Even though content is said to be king, if you can’t provide the “right” content based upon key words, then readers and potential visitors to your sight will not be interested.

Writing Hint: Build it and they will come is not necessarily the most effective attitude to have.

If you truly wish to connect your passion to your purpose and to double your performance, then take some time to research those key words that will truly double the traffic to your website.

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