SEO For Google: You Need OFFPAGE Optimization

 by: Gian Luigi Ruggeri

It is almost sure. Google is the hardest of all the search engines to get top rankings nowadays.

Another sure thing is that Google is the search engine that drives the highest number of visitors to the websites that are at the top of the SERP for important keywords.

Don't you know what SERP means? It is one of those nice acronyms that are used by computer geeks that are lazy at typing (LOL) and stands for "Search Engine Results Page", as SEO is the popular acronym of "Search Engine Optimisation", and SEM stands for "Search Engine Marketing".

So you want to get those top rankings in Google SERP right? Sure you want. I want it, and I am ready to work for it. And so should you be too.

Of course you need to know what to do to have your site top ranked by Google. You must know what this search engine likes and what it dislikes, in order to know what to add or remove from the web pages of your site.

Years ago it was simpler to be liked by search engines, more or less you had to understand how a web page had to be built, and how to optimize it for your keywords, placing the keywords in the title of the page, in the meta tags and in the body of the page, paying attention to the density of the keywords in the whole document. Then you put some links with nice words to Yahoo and some of the other big sites and you were done. A link exchange page was an optional.

I made tens of top rankings in all the worldwide main search engines including Google of course working like this back in 1999, 2000, 2001 for many different keywords and keyphrases of different topics. That was the time that the following things did not exist yet: page rank, AdWords and AdSense. I was a great SEO guy even if my focus was on the domain names goldrush mainly.

This was the old way to make search engine optimization, when it wasn't yet popular as SEO and the search engines had not yet moved most of the importance to the offpage factors.

This last sentence is an important one. And the end of it is extremely important. It was about 2000 or 2001 I think when the search engines tried to give an end to search engine spam introducing strict offpage factors. A site wouldn't have been indexed IF it had not already links pointing to it from at least 3 or 4 websites that were already indexed.

That was the start of the OFFPAGE optimization revolution. Offpage factors rule in the Google algorithm today, and you simply cannot achieve top rankings in Google for competitive keywords if you don't work a lot on the offpage optimization of your site.

Offpage optimization means you have to work on building links pointing to your website.

Google now takes in consideration factors like these ones:

  • how many web sites are linking to you

  • which sites are doing so

  • which is their page title

  • which anchor text is used to link to your site

  • the Google page rank of these sites

  • and more.

And these factors are extremely relevant in determining the ranking of your website.

So to keep it as simple as possible you need to get many links to your site trying to have them from sites with a high page rank. The more you get the better will be.

You must pay a lot of attention on using the right anchor text, with the most important keywords for your site there.

You mainly have to find sites that are related to the topic of your own websites, and that are considered authority web sites by Google.

This is just an introduction to SEO offpage factors, but can already put you on the right path.

The search engine optimization for Google really requires a lot of efforts and is extremely time consuming. You have to make a lot of researches to find the right sites that can provide good and useful links, you have to contact them and convince them to link to your site (usually offering a link back), you have to monitor that these sites continue to link to your site.

Yes, it definitely is harder than it can seem from these short description, and you already know it if you already tried to get links to your website.

Luckily I found a great software that can make a lot of work for me, and could do the same for you. I call it my SEO Secret Weapon and can be yours too.

Please see my signature to find a link to the SEO section of my site with a link to it, it is the sofware named SEO Elite.

I strongly recommend you this software if you are serious about search engine optimization for your online business. This software can automate or semi automate very important and time consuming tasks. It can even find and email high page rank link partners for you with a touch of a button.

Think about it. You can try to learn for free all the stuff you need to become enough experienced in SEO for Google and spend countless hours reading articles like this one and forum posts and working on building links back to your sites or you can follow my advice and have a professional SEO secret weapon that makes most of the hard work for you and brings better results in less time. It is your choice.

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