Your Site In Major Search Engines, In Record Time

 by: Chen Zarza

In the past months, I’ve heard a lot of buzz of excitement about Blogging and Pinging. The rumors said it seduces search engines (SE’s) to index your pages in record time. The curiosity kill the cat -is a well-known saying-, anyway, and I went out to corroborate the true of these assertions.

A few words of introduction...

What is the idea behind this? As a marketer I want my new sites indexed in some hours. I want my new content appears as early as possible in major search engines, you know, it means instant traffic and sales.

Before to start discussing this new wave to attract customers, we need to understand what Blogging is. Those of you that know about, forgive me, but let me point to human beings that not.

Blogging is the act to promote your products, books, services, discussions, and website in your weblog. Weblog? What’s that?

Weblog or Blog is a place in the cyberspace, just like your website, and like your website, you need to draw traffic in. Apply your knowledge and promotional tools, such as: updating it often, posting articles, optimization rules and back links.

Spidering and indexing your new sites in record time, without throwing your money away.

All those techniques work, and some others methods not mentioned in this article. But they all still take time, some of them so much time. Imagine; think about this, if you send out a new site to Google, it takes 30-45 days to index your site! I don’t know about you, but for me is an eternity.

Let's go back to your daily story: You have just updated your website, and want the world to know about it as soon as possible. Countless hours creating your content, going through the heavy optimization tasks, and then, you have to wait weeks or months for the Search Engines put an eye on your site; a nightmare.

What can you do to enchant the SE’s? The only way is: send content to your blog from the site you want indexed, and call the Search Engines, ask them: “Come to see my new valuable material”, that’s it. Ping is the name given to this call. It’s the fastest way for the search engine robots to visit your blog. Search Engines will index your content almost immediately.

Did you get it?

When you add content to your blog and major search engines come at your Ping request, they read your new content and most important, the URL inside your content. In this way SE’s index your new website immediately. Done! DO you know something better than this?

Blogging and pinging is your new weapon. It’s a marketing tool that can help you to build your online business. What are the basic steps to set up this method?

  1. Go to a blog service

  2. Create an account

  3. Create your blog

  4. Add content

  5. Ping Your Blog

In your Blog, like your website you need to work hard, remember, you have a business and you need to take care of it:

  • Use the principles of online copywriting to make your headlines and copy interesting.

  • Write and post regularly, so the search engines come often.

  • Apply optimization rules

    • Use keywords in:

      • your URL

      • your title

      • your pictures (ALT)

      • your links’ name

    • Keyword’s density in your body: between 3%-7%

  • Submit to Directories (Yahoo, Dmoz)

  • Send Pings (Blog)

  • Create Links among your blog and sites

  • Exchange links (Website, Blog)

  • Post articles to directories.

But there's still one thing to bear in mind; be careful when Blogging and Pinging

Blogging and Pinging is a different approach to pull in visitors to your blog. It’s another way to gain customers, other alternative that you have in your hands. You must use it as a part of your strategy.

Blogging and Pinging is an important tool that helps you in your online business; MSN, Yahoo, Google, and other search engines index your site in matter of hours. But, use this method carefully, don’t over-ping, if you do so, search engines can take your blog down.

About The Author

Chen Zarza

Webmaster and Project leader,

20+ experience in the information technology world.

He has developed financial systems for several years.

Background: Databases, Web, Finances

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