MLM Success is Not a Nickle and Dime Thing

by: Amy Hutton

After thirty two years in network marketing (mlm) it still amazes me. People, even long timers, think that they can make a full time income (or get rich) by buying a $35 starter kit and buying $50-100 in product every month, then recruit three people who will recruit three people.

Its not like that.

Those people who are a real success will tell you that it takes a MAJOR amount of full time effort to succeed in mlm. It takes hours and hours of phone calls for recruiting every day. It takes holding conference calls, loading and sending emails into an autoresponder, work, work, work. It takes monthly product purchases over a year or more. You work for a year or more and maybe you are making $500 a month.

Success in network marketing is won by one of two methods:

First you can work your behind off 20 hours a day, recruit a hundred people or more (of whom only 1/3 will stay involved,) put $1500 or more in total product monthly purchases and phone bills and make $500-$1000 a month....OR

Second: You can decide to take the $1500 at the start and join a business that requires a $1000 purchase or more to start earning money. Im not talking about front-end loading here. Far from it. There are at least three network marketing companies I know of where you can plunk down your $1000-$5000 startup costs all at once, never make another payment out of pocket, recruit a few people, not a hundred, and start earning massive amounts of money from the start.

These are real, stable, legal, (and not well known) network marketing companies that have been around for two or more years. One company has already paid its members $55 million in the first 7 months of 2005.

These companies have no monthly product purchase requirement. After your initial purchase, there will be nothing coming out of you pocket. And you dont need to recruit a hundred people, either. My sponsor in my current program sponsored just 11 people and made $135,000 in her first four months. (Ok disclaimer here: you may or may not make that kind of money-you know the drill)

Change your mindset. Put up a good chunk of money at the start, never pay another cent, recruit a few people and make an incredible amount of money fast...And still have time for a LIFE.

...or work like a dog for a year or two and see if maybe you might make a couple hundred dollars a month if you can keep recruiting to replace the ones who drop out.

Network marketing has changed. A few companies know the truth and have designed programs around it. And a few networkers have caught on. Why not you?

About The Author

Amy Hutton is a long time networker and lives in Florida with her family. Visit

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