Reselling Products with Resale Rights: Is This Trend Here To Stay?

 by: Fred Farah

Selling intangible and digital goods on the internet has brought a new e-commerce era in which resale products, resale rights and reprint rights have become an extension of the activity itself. Such intangible goods include software, e-books, manuals, articles, tutorials, certificates, forms, files, music, podcasts, movies, digital art, and many others that may be purchased through an electronic payment processor or with a charge to credit or debit cards.

Electronic payment processors are also called e-payments and are those made via a web browser for goods and services using credit or debit cards but processed by third party escrow agents or companies. Third party payment systems include Cli ckbank, Paypal, Stormpay, eGold, moneybookers, emo, worldpay, etc. Altogether, the number of resellers, also known as A ffiliate Marketers, is increasing every day making it possible to find whatever you look for on the internet.

All these facilities are to encourage the acquisition of products via internet, but behind the goods offered, there are many individual stories of innovation, hard work, and redrawing of marketing strategies. Established companies, solution providers, software developers and entrepreneurs, just to name a few, are moving from traditional marketing, telemarketing, printing, direct mail and emailing methods, to more effective efforts reselling products and products rights.

While many services stick to the model in which a reseller pays out from a few dollars to thousands of dollars in annual membership fees for reselling vendor programs, many vendors are moving to a scheme in which resellers pay for a product with resale rights. Ss the sale is final the buyer now owns the product, and then resells the product.

He may raise the price following the suggested price guidelines of the vendor, or determines the price at his sole discretion, keeping the total amount of the sale. This includes what would be the affiliate commission. So products sold this way are profitable for both the vendor and the reseller.

Resellers are found practically in every type of industry land-based and web-based, from housing to technology. Resellers perform one of the most important roles in the supply chain of digital products and intangible products worldwide, otherwise limited to one online and physical location; the vendor's location.

One of the first implementations of this marketing model was made by Independent Software Vendors (ISV) term applied to those companies specialized in making and selling software, a digital good usually for niche markets, such as health care professionals, real estate brokers, barcode scanning or factories' stock maintenance.

Today, software reselling has expanded not only to companies but to independent developers and amateur programmers who create small but fully functional and useful application software rather than system software such as operating systems and database management systems.

Under the new schema, software vendors sell their programs directly to resellers who are in charge of the product distributorship, being totally independent of the vendor and independent in their approach to working with their potential clients at their convenience. With this same behavior, other intangible and digital goods developers work with resellers to commercialize their products.

As a derivation of the reseller activity, some vendors offer resellers the opportunity to resell products to the end-user consumers keeping 100 percent of the earnings in a schema known as "resell rights". These can be limited rights, such as only reprint rights, or full rights, known as Master Resal e Rights.

These may include the commercialization of the software as the reseller wants, including printing, modification, distributorship, integration in CD bundles or even as give aways to encourage the participation in other activities, such as getting memberships.

With this panorama, we can confirm that resale products and resale rights are here to stay. If you want to become a reseller and earn an immediate commission on the sale. With affil iate marketing, the number of intangible products and digital goods you can resell are as big as your imagination can figure out. This includes all possible commerce branches as well as innovative digital business developed by entrepreneurs.

If you want to resell digital goods and intangible goods keeping 100% of the earnings, the possibilities are as large as the reselling of products, but depending on the goods in which you are interested, it is required to purchase the goods to get full master resell rights included. Or it might require getting a membership to a certain website.

Is reselling products with resale rights here to stay? You better believe it is! Get involved early, and you should profit from this current craze.

Fred Farah

Copyright 2005

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