Working From Home - Why Outsourcing Is Better

 by: Charlotte Alice

Working from home and running your online business from home can often feel like a race against time. However many hours you work, however much effort you put into your business there always seems to be something else to do. It’s similar to one of those kids toys, you spend hours working the little man to the top of the pole, only for it to fall right back to the bottom again once it gets there, it was great fun when you were small, when you’re running an Internet business it’s no fun at all!

For small home based businesses and start-ups these problems are often exacerbated by not having the full knowledge of the benefits, so often you will spend for too much time on something that does not add to the bottom line. The simple fact is, if you’re working from home or have your own online business, time (or lack of it) is your most critical equity. Would you welcome a solution that would ensure that your job is completed, yet at the same time allow you to focus on the really important areas of your business, like making money, strategy, new ventures etc?

Many of the most successful home based businesses have gone through this pain. It’s natural to want to maintain complete control of your business, after all it’s your baby. However, the most savvy of business owners realise quickly that their time is better spent on the more important elements of their venture, like making money. That is why they have embraced outsourcing as a way to free up their time.

Don’t be put off by the word outsourcing, it’s not just for big companies and call centres. The benefits are the same whatever sized company you are. Imagine that you run a web site, you have recognised that your web site would be more profitable if you were able to offer a new dedicated service or solution. You’ve done your research and you know that it would pay for itself within three months of being launched. Unfortunately, you do not have the skills to create this service. Traditionally, you would need to contact other companies to interest them in your work, you would need to sell them the idea, explain what is required, qualify them as vendors, spend time with them on the phone. All of this would mean your time and eventually money for the project, the project is not without its risks either as you can never be 100% about a potential supplier.

Our solution to this is Outsource your progamming for less. If you have a job that you need completing, you can advertise this project here and coders from around the world will bid on the project. Best off all, the buyer does not pay the coder directly, instead all funds are escrowed. This means that they coder does not receive any money until the work is complete, providing added peace of mind.

Why not consider outsourcing your next project? Whether it is a large IT based requirement, some research or indeed as basic as some articles written for your website. Whatever you need, you’ll find someone, somewhere willing to do it for you.

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About The Author

Charlotte Alice has been trading on the Internet for many years. She now writes for the UK Dropshipping Guide as a consultant and helps people working from home with their sales strategies.

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