Relax Your Clients & Improve Your Sales!

┐by: Anthony Jewell

Your clients, the most important part of any business. This not to say that the other things you do aren't important but lets face it. If you don't have any clients then you really aren't in business. So converting "possible clients" to "clients" is the toughest part of business especially if they are not use to purchasing online. I mean I am online every day for many hours(at least 6 hours a day) but still I don't purchase that much online. Actually in the past 6 years of being online I have only made around 5-6 purchases total(as you can see that equals out to be only one purchase a year). So you can see that even people who spend great amounts of time on the internet may not be that savvy when it comes to placing orders online. So how do you ease that tension for them and really get them interested in your product(especially if they are inching towards making a purchase online already).

The truth about it is that no matter how good or bad your company is, a customers will never know this until after they have purchased from you. Usually after we put out our dough we find out very quickly if we have made a mistake by going with you. It is for this reason why people are so hesitate to use any services, especially when it comes to online sales. All people basically think "before I purchase this I better be 100% sure because there is no turning back" and because of this reason is why so many people never make a purchase. Today is the day this all stops for your site.

Now no matter what your business is(there are only a select few that this doesn't apply to) you can easily remove the tension from your "possible clients" and turn them into "actual clients". How you might ask? It is actually quite simple. Almost any business can relax their clients by doing one simple thing. Yes I know you are waiting for it, keep reading... You can offer your clients a money back guarantee to insure and show them that you are so confident in your service that once they try you they will never leave. As soon as people see this on your site then their worry and tension will be cut in half. They will start to think "what do I have to loose" and "I'll get my money back if I don't like their service".

Now you have clients feeling relaxed and more at ease of giving you a try. Once you get them in through the door it will be up to your service to keep them as your client. This is when you have more control on showing your stuff and to prove to them that they made the right decision.

About The Author

Anthony Jewell has over 6 Years experience in the Web & Graphics World. You can visit my business and join in conversation at

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