Growing Your Site With Content!

┐by: Anthony Jewell

I think alot of people still miss out why you have a website. Depending on what your site is about usually depends on how you tackle the subject of your site. If you are reading this article you are probably wanting to or already have aimed your site in the direction of commerce. Which simply means that you want to create and generate a revenue off it, probably through advertising. What you may be missing is even though you want a revenue site, you may not know how to achieve it so that visitors keep coming back. Well isn't that the most important part of a commerce creating website. If visitors don't come back then your revenue is probably sitting at $0.59 if you are lucky. For others it is $0.00.

So what keeps people coming back to your site day after day. Alot of companies and sites forget that it is your content. After the initial click to visit your website and a front page inspection, it is truly your content that I am after. Trust me on this one. If the same information I viewed on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday is still there on Thursday, then your site is probably of no interest to me. Depending on how good your content is and how often you update it will determine your success in having people return to your website. Just like if you are going to the movies. If Monday you go to see Star Wars, then Tuesday you see Star Wars and Wednesday you see Star Wars, then you will be pretty bored if you go back Thursday to see Star Wars(unless you are a huge fan). The truth is you probably won't be going back to the theatre because you have already seen the movie or in this case the content three times already.

So the trick to it is adding new content to your website each and every day. If every time I come to your website there is something for me to read or explore then I will keep coming back. There are so many free sites out there for content especially ones that allow you to add articles to your website free of charge, that you can offer many great resources via articles for your visitors. If you view my short bio in this article(usually at the bottom) you can visit our site for free content that you can add to your site as well.

Remember if the content is good then people will come back. If the content is updated everyday and is a resource to people then they will tell their friends. This will send additional visitors to your website which will lead to an increase in participation on your site but also an increase of revenue.

About The Author

Anthony Jewell has over 6 Years experience in the Web & Graphics World. You can visit my business and join in conversation at our forum at

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